Food for Great Debate, Israel-Style; “I knew Arik Sharon … and I know Ehud Olmert. Ehud is not Arik…”

Olmert is Not Arik

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Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin told a Likud election gathering in Ashdod on Monday ‘I knew Arik Sharon, who was elected partially due to my efforts, and I know Ehud Olmert. Ehud is not Arik, despite my differences with Sharon.’

“Referring to Olmert’s Kadima Party, Rivlin added, ‘The party that pretends to espouse democracy actually endangers our democracy.’”


This one for the archives, an oldie, but a goodie. It is as true in 2006 when Ruby Rivlin said it about Ehud Olmert as it did in 1988 during that well-remembered Vice Presidential debate between Lloyd Bentsen, Michael Dukakis’ running mate and Dan Quayle, the running mate of the eventual winner, Former President George Bush Sr. read more


Olmert/Abbas; “Puurfect Together?”

Olmert Supportive of Abu Mazen


“‘Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a war memorial audience “I hope Abu Mazen does not quit.’”

And Out of The Other Side of Olmert’s Mouth [Forked Tongue]

Olmert Plans to Separate from PA


“Addressing the forum which included hundreds of IDF officers, Shin Bet and Mossad personnel and others, Olmert stated ‘during the upcoming four years, we will work to separate from the Palestinians in order to live in a nation with a Jewish majority. We are not afraid of Hamas. The organization does not pose a threat. We will dictate the terms and the timetable.’” read more


On Olmert’s J’lem Mayoralty Clock?

Report: J’lem Municipality ‘Whitewashed’ Illegal Arab Building


“The state comptroller has been asked to investigate the “whitewashing” by the Jerusalem municipality of at least 300 cases of illegal Arab construction in the capital.”

Chairman of the Jerusalem Forum, Aryeh King, filed the request following an expose’ published by the 02Net local Jerusalem news site, which alleged that municipal officials have erased the files dealing with hundreds of cases of illegal construction in eastern Jerusalem through the year 2004 that were never dealt with, with the intention of allowing statutes of limitations to run out. read more


Olmert, Mofaz, Halutz, Karadi on Docket to be Called By Amona Investigations Committee …

PM Olmert to be Summoned by Amona Commission


“While the committee includes representatives of various political parties, Olmert’s Kadima Party has refused to send a representative. Olmert remains adamantly opposed to the investigation, defending the actions of police and border police. His appearance before the committee is expected to take place before the March general election campaign. The acting prime minister has vowed to disband the parliamentary committee after the elections.” read more


Shattering Revelations Continue on the US/UAE Ports Deal …

This blog would not ordinarily report on issues external to israel, except in cases such as the US/UAE Ports Deal where the potential consequences are soo critical regarding Israel. The impact of this deal, if finalized is devastating for both Israel and the US, including the families of many of us who still reside in the US or Canada. MB

Exclusive: Dubai Ports Firm Enforces Boycott of Israel

For those who have only now tuned in, some of the previous incredible revelations can be found on the following links; (1), (2)(there are two citings here), (3) , (4), (5), (6), (7), (8). read more


AS Arab Interests Seek Ports Takeover in US, Sharon/Olmert Regime, HCJ Totally Obedient to Arabs While Jews, Jewish Assets Continue to be Ravaged, Bloodied, Persecuted, Brutalized, Damaged, Devastated …

Few Gush Katif Farmers Have New Land


Six months after the disengagement from Gaza, none of the 130 farmers from Gush Katif who have settled for the time being in Nitzan has received new plots of land in Israel as they and the government trade recriminations over who is responsible for their plight.”

“However, both settler leaders and high-ranking government officials say that the Disengagement Law did not provide for full compensation for farmers’ greenhouses and that if the farmers want to build them again they will have to make up the difference, which amounts to 20 percent to 40% of start-up costs. read more


Overnight War News …


Amona Committee Members Begin Organizing Investigation …

Amona Investigative Committee to Convene on Monday

Amona Committee Convenes Investigations, To Meet Twice Weekly …

Amona Committee Sets Up Management Team

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“The parliamentary committee investigating the Amona evacuation decided on Monday to set up a smaller team to manage the investigation.”

“The team will consist of MKs Yuval Steinitz (Likud), Uri Ariel (NU), Matan Vilnai (Labor) and Effi Eitam (NRP).”

“They will call upon members of the security forces, politicians and Amona evacuees to act as witnesses in the investigation.” read more