Olmert/Abbas; “Puurfect Together?”

Olmert Supportive of Abu Mazen


“‘Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a war memorial audience “I hope Abu Mazen does not quit.’”

And Out of The Other Side of Olmert’s Mouth [Forked Tongue]

Olmert Plans to Separate from PA


“Addressing the forum which included hundreds of IDF officers, Shin Bet and Mossad personnel and others, Olmert stated ‘during the upcoming four years, we will work to separate from the Palestinians in order to live in a nation with a Jewish majority. We are not afraid of Hamas. The organization does not pose a threat. We will dictate the terms and the timetable.’”

Kadima Heads Split on How to Treat Abbas


As this blog has indicated often before, and to paraphrase Ronald Reagan; It’s NOT about demographics, stupid!