Parsha HaShevua; Parsha Bo 5766

Parsha Bo: Doing Mitzvot and Hashem’s Will, Even When Under Duress.
By Moshe Burt

Parsha Bo is the one which, for me, annually relates to that crazy tune which played back “in the Old Country” a couple of decades ago, “Does Your Korbon Pesach Lose It’s Flavor Tied to the Bedpost Overnight?” (Actually, the real title to the song was “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?”)

Over the years, I’ve come to associate this nutty parody of mine with the very heart of our Parsha. That is the Mitzvot of taking the Korbon Pesach, applying the da’am on Jewish doorposts, the going up from Mitzrayim (Egypt)to “…a land flowing with milk and honey …” and the first mitzvah commanded of the National entity (B’nai Yisrael), the Kiddush HaChodesh — the sanctification of the New Moon and the relevance today of these mitzvot which relate to emunah (belief in) and yirat (fear of)Hashem. And each year, just like countless other stories of our heritage and Halachot, the perspective each year is unique just as the events of each year are unique unto themselves, yet part of Hashem’s “vast eternal plan.” read more


Amona Struggle Ends, Hundreds of Jews Bloodied, The Nine Homes Demolished and People Removed: Olmert, Did You Enjoy Bloodying Jews?

Security Forces Complete Evacuation of Amona Outpost

The IDF and the Police: Something for a Jew to be Truly Proud Of! MB

Yesha Council: Olmert Provided Example of Civil War


“‘If anyone was not sure how a civil war looks, today we saw an example of it,’ said Yesha Council spokesperson Emily Amrousi.”

“MK Effie Eitam (National Union), who is in the hospital with a head injury after being run over by a horse at Amona today, plans to file a complaint against police violence with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz.” read more

Appeal for Help for Moshe and Rachel Saperstein …

Received this email today with an appeal for help for Moshe and Rachel Saperstein, former residents of Neve Dekalim, Gush Katif.

Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 11:09:43 +0200
Subject: Please act on this for a Gush Katif couple

Many of you know the Sapersteins. Rachel has served as a spokesperson for fellow former-Neve Dekalim residents since the expulsion and has been collecting money to help them. (Before the expulsion she was a spokesperson inside Gush Katif.) Moshe is disabled because of a terrorist attack. They are very special people and deserve a lot better than they’re getting. It takes just a short time to send an e-mail or fax. And please send this to everyone you know, and put it on your lists. Of course, draft your own message as fits you and is appropriate. read more

Battle for Amona: Olmert Launches Election Campaign on Blood of Jews and Destruction in Eretz Yisrael …

Aerial Photo of the Town of Amona

The brutality of the Police, the IDF and Yassam is unspeakable! MB

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Police Smash Heads; Amona Protestors Carried Away on Stretchers

“Several youth were trampled by police horses and left bleeding on the ground.”

“Some 80 people are already reported wounded, and many of them have been taken to Jerusalem hospitals.”

“Police succeeded to break into one of the nine disputed houses. One man was seen on TV thrown from the window of the house and landing on his head.” read more

And While Defenders of the Land of Israel Await OK Coral, Olmert Parties with the Other Effetes!

Olmert Presents Kadima Knesset List

“The top 50 names on the list are Olmert, Peres, Tzipi Livni, Meir Sheetrit, Avi Dichter, Marina Solodkin, Haim Ramon, Shaul Mofaz, Tzahi Hanegbi, Hirchson, Uriel Reichman, Gideon Ezra, Roni Bar-On, Dalia Itzik, Ze’ev Boim, Ya’acov Edri, Ze’ev Elkin, Majallie Whbee, Ruhama Avraham, Ben-Sasson, Shlomo Brazanich, Eli Aflalo, David Tal, Avigdor Yitzhaki, Ronit Tirosh, Nudelman, Otniel Shneller, Amira Dotan, Yoel Hason, Shai Hermesh, Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael, Plassner, Shlomo Mula, Ben-David, Rachel Adato-Levy, Rina Goldberg, Lior Carmel, Liat Rabner, Shai Avital, Berkovich, Barzilai, Tamir, Gravetz, Michaeli, Karampa, Riffman, Erez Navon, Uri Sheetrit, Itzik Haddad and Amir Halevy.” read more


Decision Time for American Jews …

Our World: The Trial of American Jewry


In the vast, overwhelming majority of cases, Caroline Glick’s writings and editorials represent editorial and commentary journalism at it’s professional finest, an extreme rarity in Israel.

However, this editorial is a huge disappointment. The feel of the article is as if American Jews are beating themselves up with guilt. After all, in the US, “they are free to be Jewish” and for that, they must express gratitude. Perish the thought that American Jews should begin to read the clear writing on the wall, look into their Jewish history and heritage and come to the conclusion that “… they are guests in their own (?) country.” read more