Shattering Revelations Continue on the US/UAE Ports Deal …

This blog would not ordinarily report on issues external to israel, except in cases such as the US/UAE Ports Deal where the potential consequences are soo critical regarding Israel. The impact of this deal, if finalized is devastating for both Israel and the US, including the families of many of us who still reside in the US or Canada. MB

Exclusive: Dubai Ports Firm Enforces Boycott of Israel

For those who have only now tuned in, some of the previous incredible revelations can be found on the following links; (1), (2)(there are two citings here), (3) , (4), (5), (6), (7), (8).


It seems important to revisit the words on this blog when this development first broke;

This author holds that the reports of Arab purchase and take over of US Ports are absolutely devastating! It won’t be long before a “Black Sunday” or “Sum of all Fears” scenario is reality. Someone posted to an email list in essence saying that we’d better get our families and loved ones out of the US/Canada before the borders are closed and Aliya becomes difficult or impossible. And, surely there are more implications and consequences, beyond smuggling nukes or other doomsday WMD into the US, of Arab takeover of US ports that we have not yet thought of. MB