Olmert, Mofaz, Halutz, Karadi on Docket to be Called By Amona Investigations Committee …

PM Olmert to be Summoned by Amona Commission


“While the committee includes representatives of various political parties, Olmert’s Kadima Party has refused to send a representative. Olmert remains adamantly opposed to the investigation, defending the actions of police and border police. His appearance before the committee is expected to take place before the March general election campaign. The acting prime minister has vowed to disband the parliamentary committee after the elections.”

Amona Commission to Summon Olmert


“Parliamentary commission investigating violence that erupted during Amona evacuation summons chief of staff, police chief, Central Command head. Olmert scheduled to testify 10 days before general elections Kadima refuses to send representative on its behalf. Commission head: We may force acting PM to show up.”