Arab Business Interests Buying Up and Taking Over US Ports …

Firm Sues to Block Foreign Port Takeover

Arab Biz May Run NYC Port


This author holds that the reports of Arab purchase and take over of US Ports are absolutely devastating! It won’t be long before a “Black Sunday” or “Sum of all Fears” scenario is reality. Someone just wrote to an email list in essence saying that we’d better get our families and loved ones out of the US/Canada before the borders are closed and Aliya becomes difficult or impossible. And, surely there are more implications and consequences, beyond smuggling nukes or other doomsday WMD into the US, of Arab takeover of US ports that we have not yet thought of. MB


2 thoughts on “Arab Business Interests Buying Up and Taking Over US Ports …

  1. Bush never was fighting terrorism. He went into Iraq because Hussein tried to kill his father….not because of WMD. That’s it in a nutshell. He never closed the Mexican borders which has been a worry for fear a terrorist could get a nuke into the country. Now, he only demonstrates that he is on Al Qaeda’s payroll by allowing six major ports to have their security monitored by Arabs!!! Talk about corruption in Israel?? This guy is an idiot that didn’t mean one word that he said when he appeared at ground zero on 9/11/01. “You are either with us or against us”. Remember that quote? It’s plan to see that he is against us.

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