The Amona Confrontation; Home and Street Protests …

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1,500 Police En Route to Ofrah

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“1,500 police are heading to Ofrah from the Lachish district in preparation for the expulsion in Amona.”

“According to unofficial reports, police are being instructed to wait outside. The expulsion is expected to get underway during the predawn hours.”

For More Up-to-Date Info on numbers of Police and Army to be Deployed Near Amona, click; Moment of Truth at Amona


“Some 6,000 soldiers, police officers expected to take part in evacuation of nine homes in illegal West Bank outpost.” read more

Tuesday War News …


Confrontation at Amona [The OK Coral?]

Security Forces Gear Up to Clear Amona

Army Girds for Violence in Amona Outpost Face-Off


“The Israel Defense Forces and police began deploying troops and officers around the illegal West Bank settlement of Amona on Tuesday night, ahead of the planned evacuation on Wednesday.”

“Some 1,500 police officers set out for the outpost from a training base at around 11 P.M. Another 6,000 police officers and soldiers are expected to enter the outpost early Wednesday morning to evacuate settlers from the nine permanent structures and demolish the buildings.” read more


Deputy AG Echos AG Mazuz Denial, But Chevron has Written Document Attesting Agreement on Shalhevet Neighborhood …

Updating the previous Chevron report;

Deputy AG: No Deal With Hevron Residents, Neighborhood to be Demolished [Headline published, Demolition Comment Not Confirmed]


“Assistant to the Attorney General, Shai Nitzan, told Army Radio Tuesday morning that absolutely no agreement exists with Hevron residents allowing them to return to the Shalhevet neighborhood if they abandon it willingly.”

“‘It seems that those who were squatting there preferred to leave amid rumors that they would be allowed back even though no such agreement exists,’ Nitzan told Army Radio’s Razi Barkai.” read more

Overnight War News …

Monday Stone-Throwing in Gush Etzion Was Near-Lynch of Jewish Motorists


“What was reported a stone-throwing incident Monday turns out to have been a near-lynch of Jews driving toward Hevron on the main Jerusalem-Hevron highway.”

“At around 2:30 PM, Miri Tzachi, photographer for the weekly Makor Rishon newspaper, was driving toward Hevron when, next to the Arab village of El-Arub, approximately 50 Arab youths ran toward her car and pelted it with rocks, shattering the windshield. Though Tzachi and her passengers were covered with glass and injured, she managed to keep driving past the village to the next IDF position.” read more


Amona: A Closed Military Zone, but Apparently Thousands Beat the Closure …

IDF Declares Amona Outpost Closed Military Zone


“The IDF has declared the area immediately surrounding the illegal outpost of Amona a closed military zone in advance of Tuesday’s expected demolition of the outpost’s houses.”

“Following the announcement Monday evening, IDF troops set up roadblocks on major roads in the areas in order to prevent right-wing activists from reaching Amona.”

Email from an activist list informs us of the following;

Subject: TZs Checked at Central Bus Station in JM read more

More Lies from Regime? Mitzpe Shalhevet “Agreement” Bogus According to AG Mazuz …

It should as no surprise to anyone with any insight into the Iaraeli norm of political cheating that the “agreement” made between the government, the military and the Jews of Chevron should be denied by AG Mazuz. MB

AG Mazuz Denies Hevron Deal

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“Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has released a statement denying a deal exists between Hevron residents and the state regarding a return to Mitzpei Shalhevet in the coming months.”

“Mazuz was responding to reports that a deal was reached by which the legal process establishing Jewish ownership of the area would be expedited, permitting the return of Mitzpei Shalhevet residents within approximately two months.” read more