Sunday War News …


The Kadima Loose Cannons Are Starting, and the List is Not Even Announced Yet …

Peres Challenges Sharon’s One-Man Rule


“Peres, speaking on the Israeli television program Meet the Press, said he would have chosen candidates differently and that it was not necessary for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to decide alone who will represent the Kadima party. Every other party holds primaries or designates its central committee to nominate candidates.”

Peres’s aides later denied that he asked the Prime Minister to place him in the top 10 list of candidates. Peres refused to tell the television program which candidates have been nominated, but Channel Two television reported that Peres is in the first 10 on the list.” read more


More on Moshe Feiglin Pulling Out of Likud Knesset Campaign …

This Statement from Moshe Feiglin’s News Conference listed in Ynet Updates;

Feiglin: I Will Quit Likud Race After My Name is Cleared

“Moshe Feiglin announced at a press conference he will quit the Likud primaries to select the party’s Knesset list immediately after his name his cleared.”

“Feiglin noted his ‘Jewish Leadership’ faction would vote in favor of the proposed amendment to bar members convicted of disgraceful criminal offences from the Likud list. (Ilan Marciano)” read more