Overnight War News …

Monday Stone-Throwing in Gush Etzion Was Near-Lynch of Jewish Motorists


“What was reported a stone-throwing incident Monday turns out to have been a near-lynch of Jews driving toward Hevron on the main Jerusalem-Hevron highway.”

“At around 2:30 PM, Miri Tzachi, photographer for the weekly Makor Rishon newspaper, was driving toward Hevron when, next to the Arab village of El-Arub, approximately 50 Arab youths ran toward her car and pelted it with rocks, shattering the windshield. Though Tzachi and her passengers were covered with glass and injured, she managed to keep driving past the village to the next IDF position.”

“Tzachi is certain that she and the other passengers would have been the victims of an all out lynch by the hands of the angry mob. She was admitted to the hospital for treatment of the cuts she suffered, while IDF troops dispersed the mob.”

“Gush Etzion residents, protesting the deteriorating security situation in areas outside the proposed Partition Wall and the ongoing expulsion of Jews from areas of Judea and Samaria, launched a protest walk down the Jerusalem-Hevron highway.”

Other War News …

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