The Amona Confrontation; Home and Street Protests …

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1,500 Police En Route to Ofrah

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“1,500 police are heading to Ofrah from the Lachish district in preparation for the expulsion in Amona.”

“According to unofficial reports, police are being instructed to wait outside. The expulsion is expected to get underway during the predawn hours.”

For More Up-to-Date Info on numbers of Police and Army to be Deployed Near Amona, click; Moment of Truth at Amona


“Some 6,000 soldiers, police officers expected to take part in evacuation of nine homes in illegal West Bank outpost.”

Protests from Home and on the Streets


“A ‘protest from home’ campaign is also underway. Home-bound objectors to the Amona destruction have been asked to phone or fax the following officials and register their opinions:

Police Chief Karadi – 02 5308100 fax 02 530 8118
President Moshe Katzav – phone: 02 6707211, fax 02 5671314
State Comptroller’s Office – 02 666 5000, fax 02 666 5204
PM’s Spokesman – 02 5666920 fax 02 566 9245
Olmert’s personal spokesman – 02 6662301 fax 02 666 4400
Chief Rabbi Metzger 02 5377872 Chief Rabbi Amar 02 5371305”

As was emailed on Sunday by David Bedein;

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006
From: david bedein

Subject: How to shake the self-confidence of the gov’t: Ask 1 question.

Why evict 9 Jewish families on Jewish property and not touch 6000 Arab homes in Jerusaalem?

The more people who call in with this simple question, the better.

Right-Wing Protests at Major Intersections Nationwide

Some Right-Wing Activists Leave Amona in Anger

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“Dozens of right-wing activists struggling against the planned expulsion of residents from Amona, in the Binyamin region, have left the community in anger over the stance taken by leaders of the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council. The activists left after a ‘blow-up’, as they called it, between themselves and the Council leaders.”

“‘It appears that the struggle will be however the chairman of the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council wants it, and the outcome is foreseeable,’ activists said, alluding to the failure of the Council to prevent the expulsion and disengagement from Gush Katif and northern Samaria this past summer.”

Why do we continue to come back to Yesha Council like a battered wife returns to abusive hubby? MB

Ofra: Access to Amona to be Cut Off in Coming Hours

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“Residents of the town of Ofra, adjacent to Amona in the Binyamin region, have been warned by an local messaging system that access to Amona from their town will be cut off between 7:00 and 8:00pm tonight.”

“Ofra residents have been asked by local residents and supporters to bring their families and supplies for an extended stay in the Amona neighborhood before the IDF cuts off access. “

IDF Closes Off Amona; Supporters Find a Way

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“IDF forces have closed off all approach roads to the Amona region, to dissuade the many supporters making their way to the area. Residents of Amona have been ordered to leave their homes, as the neighborhood is slated for demolition by the government. Entry to the area is still permitted to local residents.”

“Land of Israel activists report, however, that supporters are still making their way past the military blockade by alternate approach paths, including through nearby Arab villages. “