Amona: A Closed Military Zone, but Apparently Thousands Beat the Closure …

IDF Declares Amona Outpost Closed Military Zone


“The IDF has declared the area immediately surrounding the illegal outpost of Amona a closed military zone in advance of Tuesday’s expected demolition of the outpost’s houses.”

“Following the announcement Monday evening, IDF troops set up roadblocks on major roads in the areas in order to prevent right-wing activists from reaching Amona.”

Email from an activist list informs us of the following;

Subject: TZs Checked at Central Bus Station in JM

According to A7 news, people who wanted to get on to a bus towards Ofrah were asked for their TZ (Teudah Zehut – Identity Cards) to verify that they lived there.

If the government can stop busses…??

Thousands Already In Amona

Olmert Rejects Call to Postpone Amona Eviction

Full Text;

“Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday rejected a request from Yesha leaders seeking a two-month delay in the planned eviction of residents from Amona.”

“Mr. Olmert stated he would not grant any extension and plans to implement the eviction on Tuesday night after receiving a green light from the Supreme Court on Monday, which rejected a petition seeking a restraining order to block the eviction.”


Remember this, Bibi didn’t sign the letter requesting postponement.

And postponement might have meant cancellation of the Expulsion Order if Likud were to win the Elections.

Remember and consider where Bibi really stands when entering the polling place on 28 March. Can he keep getting a free pass — his votes in Knesset in favor of the expulsion of 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif and the 4 Shomron towns and now, his non-signature on the request for postponement of the Amona expulsion which might have made the difference toward such a postponement?

Bottom-line, not a hair’s-breadth of a difference between Bibi and Olmert which is probably why Likud did not get a bump from his (Bibi’s) press conference of Sunday regarding the impact of Hamas’s PLC victory. MB

Got this email from David Bedein via a 3rd party.

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006
From: david bedein

Subject: How to shake the self-confidence of the gov’t: Ask 1 question.

Why evict 9 Jewish families on Jewish property and not touch 6000 Arab homes in Jerusaalem?

The more people who call in with this simple question, the better.

Defence Min Spokesman: 03 697 5750

PM spokesman: 02 6524040

FM spokesman: 02 5303343


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  1. There is only one party to vote for and the sooner the people in Israel realize this the better off we’ll all be….Hazit Party with Baruch Marzel leading the way.

    Bibi is a corrupt thinner version of Sharon who also happens to have the blood of Shalhevet Pass dripping from his hands. He ought to be serving a life term for her murder instead of running for “Crime” Minister. A disgrace…an abomination!!
    Almost the entire country has been disenfranchised…you can’t vote for Peretz, “Edema” lead by Olmert (the pathetic little punk). Treachery wherever you look. Vote Hazit!!!!!

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