More Lies from Regime? Mitzpe Shalhevet “Agreement” Bogus According to AG Mazuz …

It should as no surprise to anyone with any insight into the Iaraeli norm of political cheating that the “agreement” made between the government, the military and the Jews of Chevron should be denied by AG Mazuz. MB

AG Mazuz Denies Hevron Deal

Full Text:

“Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has released a statement denying a deal exists between Hevron residents and the state regarding a return to Mitzpei Shalhevet in the coming months.”

“Mazuz was responding to reports that a deal was reached by which the legal process establishing Jewish ownership of the area would be expedited, permitting the return of Mitzpei Shalhevet residents within approximately two months.”

“Mazuz added that the IDF lacks the authority to commit the state to such an agreement and as such, the no guarantee of a future return to Mitzpei Shalhevet exists at present.”

Settlers Begin Evacuating Homes in Hebron Wholesale Market


“Settlers who illegally commandeered Palestinian shops in Hebron’s wholesale market began moving out on Monday night in accordance with a deal made with the state under which they would voluntarily leave their homes and would be permitted to return legally later on.”

“Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Monday afternoon, however, denied reports on the deal. Mazuz released a public statement after media reports on the agreement roused harsh criticism from the political left.”

“In Mazuz’s statement, released later in the day, he said: ‘There is no compromise or proposed compromise from the state on the evacuation of the wholesale market structure in Hebron. Voluntary evacuation by the settlers, if there would be such a thing, does not require any compromise or concession on the part of the state. The state has not made any obligation to repopulate the concerned structures.’

“Following the release of Mazuz’s statement, however, Hebron settlers said, ‘We have an agreement in our hands. We intend to honor it and we expect and are certain that the other side will also honor it.'”


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