The Shallow Leftist Israeli Media and Victims of Terror …

After the Media Loses Interest [in Victims of Terror]


Ora Cohen remembers in which bus seat she was sitting on Tuesday night, August 19, 2003. It was the right-hand side next to the back door on Egged bus #2, servicing the Western Wall. At a stop she looked back to see a man who appeared haredi jam his fingers into the closing doors. With shocking determination he struggled to force his way inside. Ora refrained from reminding him about derech eretz, – civility – deciding instead to turn away. read more


Israeli Gov’t Credit Rating Must be F- – …

MDA Threatens to Reduce Services in Sderot, North


“MDA threatened on Thursday morning to reduce its activities in northern border towns and in the Negev town of Sderot in protest against the delays in payment for emergency services in those areas.”

“The group said it was owed around three million shekels.”

Is there any commitment to it’s people that the Sharon Regime keeps? Where’s the reparations and compensation promised “by law” to the Gush Katif refugees? Why have Local Authorities Employees not been paid in months, or years? And why is the Regime now abusing MDA first aid services to terror victims? Does the Sharon Regime even know the meanings of truth, integrity, honesty and principles? MB read more


Overnight War News …


Sharon’s Platform Once Again Vague to Lull Mind-Numbed and Brainwashed …

Kadima Uncertain on Depth of Concessions


“Ever since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon established his new party Kadima, the polls have predicted that it would gain a decisive victory in the elections. The party’s platform, however, remained unknown.

“Only Wednesday, during a faction meeting, Kadima’s Knesset members officially approved the platform’s political chapter.”

“The platform creates a precedent when determining that the expected Palestinian state (which is also part of the platform) will be responsible for the refugee problem.” read more


Hey Bibi, Let’s See What You Do About This Likud MK Criminal!

For context, click here.

Police Recommend MK Yehiel Hazan be Indicted


“Israel Police National Fraud Squad recommended Wednesday that MK Yehiel Hazan (Likud) be indicted for allegedly stealing voting equipment from the Knesset.”

“‘There is an evidentiary basis to press charges against Hazan,’ police announced.”

Let’s see how serious you are about making Likud squeakie clean. Or is it ALL about cutting off Feiglin? MB


Sharon Regime Punks Out As Well on Ashkelon, S’derot and Other Towns Near Kassam-Infested Gaza …

Kassam-Proof Roof Armor Approved For Use


“A new armor that will protect roofs against Kassam rockets has been approved for use in buildings located in range of Kassam rocket attacks …”


Arik Sharon has yet again abrogated his solemn responsibilty for the welfare of the Jewish Nation he “leads.”

Regarding this armor; this sounds very reminiscent of the material that several former residents of Gush Katif told me about. The government instructed them to have it installed on their roofs at their own expense. Many of the former residents defiantly refused to have it installed on their roofs. And now, it seems that the Sharon Regime is spinning the same trick on residents of Ashkelon, S’derot, etc. read more


Defacto Expulsion: Sharon Regime Punks Out on Mevasseret Zion Residents/Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway …

Petitioners Warn Against Fence Route


“Former O/C Southern Command, Maj-Gen. (Res.) Yom-Tov Samia warned on Wednesday that a section of the route of the fence near the Jerusalem suburb of Mevasseret Zion would enable Palestinian snipers to hit cars on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

“Samia spoke during a High Court of Justice hearing on a petition submitted by residents of Mevasseret Zion against a section of the fence that the army has placed on the southern side of a hill overlooking the capital.” read more


Mazel Tov To David Hatuel …

David Hatual Weds


“David Hatual, 35, whose pregnant wife Tali and their four children were murdered by Arab terrorists in Gaza, was married on Monday in the presence of some 1,000 guests, many unable to contain their tears.”

“The wedding was held in Ashkelon, … not too far from the site of the fatal attack on Kissufim Road in Gaza.”

Mazel Tov to David and Limor, A Sweet Life of Happiness, Success and Fulfillment to at least 120! MB