The Shallow Leftist Israeli Media and Victims of Terror …

After the Media Loses Interest [in Victims of Terror]


Ora Cohen remembers in which bus seat she was sitting on Tuesday night, August 19, 2003. It was the right-hand side next to the back door on Egged bus #2, servicing the Western Wall. At a stop she looked back to see a man who appeared haredi jam his fingers into the closing doors. With shocking determination he struggled to force his way inside. Ora refrained from reminding him about derech eretz, – civility – deciding instead to turn away.

“That choice likely saved her life. The bogus haredi exploded. The bus was destroyed, as were 23 of its passengers. Within blast range was Ora’s husband, whose blood-glazed face appeared featureless after being raked with shrapnel.”

Next were Mirov, Daniel, Orly, Shira and Elchanan – Ora’s children, between seven years and one month old. All survived. That was something their parents didn’t know during the harrowing hours the family was separated between Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem and Hadassah-University Hospital in Ein Kerem.”

“Most media reports stopped there. But terrorist victims’ stories rarely end so quickly. There’s still Shira’s missing eye, Mirov’s lost hearing, Mr. Cohen’s delivery job gone because of chronic depression, and Sol’s inability to speak.”

The pain of recovery is often compounded by the logistical hell of balancing multiple hospitalizations among wounded family members. Scarce government and private resources mean each person has to wait his turn to be treated. Ora just had an eardrum operation repairing damage from 28 months ago. That excruciating surgery demanded the ear be completely removed and reattached. Her daughter is next. Ora doesn’t know how she will cope with the same treatment.”


The Leftist media stops caring before considering the great difficulties faced by indifferent, insensitive, uncaring government bureaucracies which place themselves in the way of a terror victim’s care and recuperation from the physical and mental dcars and torment resulting from a terrorist attack.

This author still recalls being contacted last year, as head of The Sefer Torah Recycling Network, by a representative of a Terror Victims organization requesting help in finding work [checking Sifrei Torah] for a Sofer who was injured in his writing arm during a terror attack a couple of years ago. The individual, the father of a large family and who was no longer able to ply his profession due to effects of the injury sustained in the terror attack, was told by Bituach Leumi that he ws ineligible for benefits because he was not disabled.

But the indifferent, insensitive, cruel Leftist Israeli media could care less! MB