The Truth About Sharon’s Stroke Starts to Emerge …

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And Barak of IRIS provides addtional clarity as to the farce of PM Sharon’s health.

MK Eitan: Publish Results of Sharon’s Post-Stroke Tests


“Likud MK Michael Eitan has called for the publication of the results of tests undergone by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon after he suffered a stroke last week. ‘It is of less interest to know what his red blood cell count is,’ stated Mr. Eitan. ‘It is much more important to know if and what damage has been caused to the prime minister’s intellectual functioning as a result of the stroke.’ read more


The Bibi/Feiglin Confrontation Continues …

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“According to sources close to Moshe Feiglin, recently defeated in Likud party primaries by Binyamin Netanyahu, Feiglin had not initially intended to run for a Knesset seat. However, moves by party chairman Netanyahu to have Feiglin ousted from the Likud have convinced the Manhigut Yehudit(Jewish Leadership) faction leader that he should offer his candidacy.

“According to the sources, Feiglin had intended to lower his profile after the primaries and influence the party from outside the Knesset. Michael Puah, a Manhigut Yehudit director, was to run for a Likud parliamentary seat in internal elections, as Puah is a known figure among Likud members. read more

Break Out Revava? … and Settlement Doubling …

West Bank Settlers to Build 25 New Outposts


“After settler youths set up six illegal outposts throughout the West Bank during the Sukkot holiday, they now plan on erecting 25 more during the Hanukkah, 15 of which will apparently be set up within the next 24 hours …”

“A teenage girl taking part in the outpost building said that ‘We are going up to the outposts because this is the Land of Israel. This is not a battle on someone’s house. This is a battle on homeland territories and on the Land of Israel.’ read more

Statement on Israeli Self-Esteem — Olmert: “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies.”

No More Self-Denigration


“You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but apparently, you can’t take the ghetto out of the Jew. This is the sad lesson we have learned repeatedly in the last few months.”

“Thinking about this, I was reminded of Menachem Begin’s account of the re-establishment of the Jewish homeland after 2,000 years in exile: ‘Out of blood and fire and tears and ashes a new specimen of human being was born, a specimen completely unknown to the world for over eighteen hundred years, the Fighting Jew. That Jew, whom the world considered dead and buried never to rise again, has arisen. For he has learned that ‘simple truth’ of life and death, and he will never again go down to the sides of the pit and vanish from off the earth.’ read more


Israelis Sleeping Through Election Campaign …

Just Stay Sleeping


“In previous elections, Ariel Sharon successfully anesthetized the public. His animosity for Ehud Barak won him the 2001 election, feelings of frustration and hopelessness worked in his favor in 2003, and Sharon – who managed to escape being held accountable, even when he was prime minister – campaigned with no platform whatsoever, and won big.”

“For several weeks it seemed that this time, things would be different. Amir Peretz won the Labor Party premiership, and said he would put social issues at the center of his campaign.” read more


Could the March Election be Deja Vu for Bibi?

Likud: Remove Bibi if He Can’t Bring 20 Mandates


Could the March elections be deja vu for Bibi remembering back to May, 1999? Netanyahu has not done himself a favor by alienating huge numbers of Likud voters, supporters of Manhigut Yehudit, by his attempts at Character Assassination and ouster of Moshe Feiglin. If Likud misses the 20 seat threshold and Bibi is canned, who will arise in his place? Shalom? Livnat? Naveh? Or will Manhigut Yehudit be there to pick up the pieces after Shalom and the remaining Rif-Raf ditch the Likud? MB read more


Overnight War News …