Sharon’s Platform Once Again Vague to Lull Mind-Numbed and Brainwashed …

Kadima Uncertain on Depth of Concessions


“Ever since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon established his new party Kadima, the polls have predicted that it would gain a decisive victory in the elections. The party’s platform, however, remained unknown.

“Only Wednesday, during a faction meeting, Kadima’s Knesset members officially approved the platform’s political chapter.”

“The platform creates a precedent when determining that the expected Palestinian state (which is also part of the platform) will be responsible for the refugee problem.”

“In addition, Kadima does not define the depth of withdrawal from the West Bank and does not name the geographical areas from which Israel will withdraw when the time comes.

“… The platform has no geographical definition concerning sensitive areas for the State of Israel, such as the Jordan Valley.”

“Party members outlined the ideological disparity between Likud and Kadima, saying Likud is unwilling to make territorial concessions for the sake of preserving a Jewish majority within Israel.”


Deliberate vagueness, the same strategy Sharon employed in the previous elections, is being re-employed now. And the same worn-out propaganda about “a Jewish majority within Israel” is being utilized yet again.

One can lie straight out or one can lie through deliberate vagueness. But a lie is a lie is a lie! Israelis wake up, you’re being conned and snuckered by these slime yet again! Sick of this “too tired …” baloney! Click here for context. MB