Potholes, Pits and Pandemics …

This article was emailed recently by my friend Evelyn Haies, the Head of “Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation” where a Sefer Torah was installed on 7 July, 2005 through the efforts of The Sefer Torah Recycling Network.

In Memory of My Father Shaul ben Chaim ben David Solomon
on his 22nd Yahrzeit, MarCheshvan 28, 5766
by Evelyn Hayes, author of The Plague Series.
(c) November 27, 2005

And it was all because they knew not Yosef, their Jewish brother with roots, rights and respectability. So it was that they dis-engaged from the ways of their forefathers, the midos of the Imaot, the borders of their family of Israel. read more

A Jewish One State Plan …

Israel, From the Mediterranean to the Jordan?


” … All parties are prepared to withdraw to varying degrees and on different preconditions. In effect, Labour and Kadima accept the two-state solution as envisioned by the Roadmap and Likud is paying lip service to it because its preconditions are unlikely to be fulfilled.”

“The desire to withdraw is driven by a widely disseminated demographic myth that the Arabs outnumber Jews west of the Jordan. Most people are unaware of a Demographic Study completed this year which concluded that there are only 1.4 million Arabs in Judea and Samaria of which it is estimated between 100,000 and 300,000 have already infiltrated into Israel. If Israel were to annex these territories, the Jews would constitute 67% of the combined population. This is a percentage that has remained constant since ’67. read more


Politics: Sorting Out Truth from Propaganda …

Hanegbi: Likud Must Examine its Errors


“His comments in an Army Radio interview came in response to recent public opinion polls indicating a sharp decline in support for Likud following the establishment of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s new party Kadima.”

While Hanegbi is examining Likud’s “errors” which have caused the erosion of support, he might try a little self-examination as to why he repeatedly and arrogantly evaded receiving Nadia Matar’s petitions with hundreds of thousands of names against a pa terror state. He might want to self-examine his mainly arrogant general demeanor. read more