Sharon Regime Punks Out As Well on Ashkelon, S’derot and Other Towns Near Kassam-Infested Gaza …

Kassam-Proof Roof Armor Approved For Use


“A new armor that will protect roofs against Kassam rockets has been approved for use in buildings located in range of Kassam rocket attacks …”


Arik Sharon has yet again abrogated his solemn responsibilty for the welfare of the Jewish Nation he “leads.”

Regarding this armor; this sounds very reminiscent of the material that several former residents of Gush Katif told me about. The government instructed them to have it installed on their roofs at their own expense. Many of the former residents defiantly refused to have it installed on their roofs. And now, it seems that the Sharon Regime is spinning the same trick on residents of Ashkelon, S’derot, etc.

At this rate, can it be long before the resident/victims of Mevasseret Zion are sold this same bill of goods? MB