Break Out Revava? … and Settlement Doubling …

West Bank Settlers to Build 25 New Outposts


“After settler youths set up six illegal outposts throughout the West Bank during the Sukkot holiday, they now plan on erecting 25 more during the Hanukkah, 15 of which will apparently be set up within the next 24 hours …”

“A teenage girl taking part in the outpost building said that ‘We are going up to the outposts because this is the Land of Israel. This is not a battle on someone’s house. This is a battle on homeland territories and on the Land of Israel.’

” … Some of the new outposts will be erected near a site where people were murdered in terror attacks.”

‘The government didn’t do anything because it is afraid. We are not afraid. We will continue to settle the West Bank,’ she said.”

“A number of conferences, in which hundreds of youths took part, were held in the past few weeks across the country in preparation for building 25 outposts during Hanukkah. The youths promised that 25 outposts will be built until the beginning of next week and that 15 of them will already be built in the next 24 hours.

“Simultaneously, right-wing activists are expected to light Hanukkah candles in 70 intersections within and beyond the Green Line starting Tuesday evening.”


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