More on the Eviction Refugees and Anti-Expulsion Demonstrators …

Our World: Recipe for Social Disintegration, by Caroline Glick


“In his appearance Sunday before the Knesset’s new anti-corruption investigative committee, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss announced that he will be publishing his report on the government’s implementation of the withdrawal and expulsion plan from Gaza and northern Samaria in January.

“At the same time, it is disturbing that Lindenstrauss is apparently not planning to review one of the most alarming aspects of the implementation of the withdrawal and expulsion plan this past summer: the rampant abuse of the civil rights of opponents of the plan by the criminal justice system.. read more


Background on Recent Terrorist Arrests …

BACKGROUND INFO: Palestinian Possessing Materials for Assembly of Mortar Shell Launcher Arrested in October


“Mohammed Musa Hassan Haj, 45, resident of the village of Beit Sira, was arrested on October 15, 2005 near Bir Zeit, north of Ramallah, after Israel Police forces found components of a mortar shell launcher during a routine security check of his vehicle.”

“The investigation showed that Haj had purchased the materials for manufacturing the launcher from a number of tradesmen in the Ramallah area, whom Haj stated were not aware of the purpose for which these materials would be used.” read more


The Hand of Hashem: Elections Are After Purim …

Shas Chairman Eli Yishai: Not By Chance That Elections Are After Purim


“Purim is the joyous day of heightened consciousness commemorating G-d’s rescue of the Jews from a genocidal decree in Persia and His role in bringing about the redemption through the self-sacrifice of true Jewish leaders…”

I had this thought myself. And the designs of Sharon, Peres, Olmert, Peretz and others upon the Jewish people and the Jewish Land of Israel make this thought all the more compelling! MB read more


More Electioneering Antics as The Truth Emerges …

Sheli Yehimovitch to Join the Labor Party

Sure-fire way to break the Left’s stragle-hold on the Israeli Media; Get them into politics — on the losing side. MB

FM Shalom: If I Lead Likud, I Won’t Rule Out Sharon Gov’t


“‘Would you rule out joining the government of any other parties? Do you rule out Ariel Sharon[‘s Kadima Party]?’ asked the Army Radio interviewer.

“‘No, we will even sit with Sharon,’ Shalom answered.” read more


Why No Incarceration of Leftist Soldiers by IDF??

IDF Soldiers Who Refused Mission Removed from Combat


“OC Central Command Maj.Gen. Yair Naveh ordered that three soldiers of an elite IDF unit who refused to participate in an operation in Jenin to nab Islamic Jihad fugitives be transferred to administrative positions outside their unit and that the unit commander be ousted from military service.”

Prior to setting out on the mission, the four soldiers informed their commander that they were unable to participate in the raid, stating they feared for their lives. They explained to their commander that their feelings stemmed from a recent operation they participated in which was carried out under constant Palestinian gunfire. While the rest of their unit participated in the Jenin operation the four remained behind.” read more


War News Overnight …

Opening of Rafiah Crossing Accompanied by Increased Terror Concerns

Arab Terror Attacks Surge Monday


“As Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s new Kadima Party announced its platform of partitioning the Land of Israel Monday, Arab terror attacks surged across the country.”

West Bank: IDF Arrests Eight Terror Suspects

40 Artillery Shells Fired into Gaza

Qassam Attack on Israel [Israel Responds With Artillery at Empty Fields]Once Again


Pre-Election Political Muck-Wrestling: Who Will Body-Slam the Fat Ones?

Israeli Islamist Mulls Joining Kadima


“A member of Israel’s Islamist Movement considers joining Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s new political party. Sami Issa, Head of Kafr Kassem Local Council, told The Jerusalem Post he remains undecided about whether to join Sharon or not.

“‘You’ll be the first to know once I make a decision,’ he said.”

Issa is one of many Arab Israeli leaders who were approached by members of Sharon’s new party to join its ranks, according to a report Friday in the Arab-Israeli daily, Kul Al-Arab. The report by investigative reporter Mohammed Watad revealed that Sharon was trying to draft Arab leaders from all over Israel to join his party in order to gain the support of the general Arab population in Israel. read more


War News …

IDF Official: Gazans Preparing Smuggling Tunnels

Kassam Lands in Negev; None Wounded in Attack

IDF Officer Injured in Violent Riot

Explosion Near IDF Post in Hebron

Baby Wounded by Rocks Thrown at Car Near Hebron

They are still less than truthful and candid in the war news getting released to the media! MB

Analysis: PA has Final Say on Movement of Both Terrorists and Bombs at Rafah

Check out these words of Barak at IRIS:

The Rafah deal was a complete capitulation by Israel. The ‘video feed’ was a meaningless attempt to save face.” Please click this must-read post for context. read more


Today’s Election Political Machinations …

Peres Expected to Announce Departure from Labor


“A Labor official who spoke to Peres on Sunday said that he was still angry about his surprise loss to Amir Peretz in the Labor leadership race and steamed at Peretz for refusing to reserve the second slot on the Labor list for him after initially offering him the slot. Peretz said the only slot he could give him was the symbolic 120th slot. Sources close to Peretz said that he decided against promoting Peres at the expense of his allies, because he believes that Peres would have rejected the offer and joined Kadima.” read more


More Vindictive Israeli Government Persecution of Refugee Families …

Harassment By Mail – by Rachel Saperstein, Neve Dekalim / Jerusalem Gold Hotel


“A letter arrived from the Bezek Telephone Company. We will have to pay a penalty of IS 280, the letter stated, for breaking our one-year contract for internet use.“The government through us out in August” we countered. ‘They destroyed our phone lines. Sue the government for breach of contract.’ We are awaiting their reply.”

Twenty-three Neve Dekalim families received a letter from SELAH – The Expulsion Authority. ‘We don’t deny you lived in Neve Dekalim. But you rented privately rather than through the local council. So you are not entitled to housing in Nitzan, or compensation of any kind. You have six days to vacate your hotel!’ read more