More Vindictive Israeli Government Persecution of Refugee Families …

Harassment By Mail – by Rachel Saperstein, Neve Dekalim / Jerusalem Gold Hotel


“A letter arrived from the Bezek Telephone Company. We will have to pay a penalty of IS 280, the letter stated, for breaking our one-year contract for internet use.“The government through us out in August” we countered. ‘They destroyed our phone lines. Sue the government for breach of contract.’ We are awaiting their reply.”

Twenty-three Neve Dekalim families received a letter from SELAH – The Expulsion Authority. ‘We don’t deny you lived in Neve Dekalim. But you rented privately rather than through the local council. So you are not entitled to housing in Nitzan, or compensation of any kind. You have six days to vacate your hotel!’

Five other families received letters saying ‘Though you rented privately we will allow you to rent a ‘caravilla’ of 60 square meters. But it must be in an area ‘everyone has turned down.’

We all signed a petition today – Everyone goes or no one goes to Nitzan. And we all will live in the same neighborhood.

Let My People Sue: Help the Evacuees Regain Their Dignity in Court

As if all of this mean-spirited vindictiveness were not enough, please read these loosely translated Hebrew articles from Arutz-7:

Government of Israel Breaks Agreement With Gush Katif Refugees Regarding Reburial Costs

The State has broken its agreement with the families of the GK dead and reburied. Expenses for the second funerals have not been reimbursed, the words “Gush Katif”are not being etched on gravestones, the exhuming of the bodies was filmed by an outside photographer allowed to document the process by the IDF, and purchase of costly grave plots in Jerusalem next to reburied loved ones has not been reimbursed. These are all violations of the agreement reached between the families and the State. HaForum HaMishpati is representing the families vis-a-vis the State. Separately, images of the exhumations were posted to the forum – the images have since been removed from the site.

Halutz Promotes Brig. Gen. HaCohen to Rank of Lieutenant General and Commander of IDF Colleges

HaCohen held a senior command position in the hitnatkut in GK.


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