More Electioneering Antics as The Truth Emerges …

Sheli Yehimovitch to Join the Labor Party

Sure-fire way to break the Left’s stragle-hold on the Israeli Media; Get them into politics — on the losing side. MB

FM Shalom: If I Lead Likud, I Won’t Rule Out Sharon Gov’t


“‘Would you rule out joining the government of any other parties? Do you rule out Ariel Sharon[‘s Kadima Party]?’ asked the Army Radio interviewer.

“‘No, we will even sit with Sharon,’ Shalom answered.”

“It has been suggested that Sharon’s allies still in the Likud Party intend to try to bring about the collapse of the party in return for spots in Sharon’s theoretical future cabinet.”

“Moshe Feiglin and Uzi Landau are the only candidates to head Likud that did not participate in the implementation of the Disengagement Plan.”


The truth is emerging and becoming ever more apparent; that if these clowns; Sharon, Bibi, Peres, Olmert, Shalom, Mofaz, etc. all have their ways, after elections they would return as one big, “happy” family — merry as Sharon would bulldoze the rest of the Land of Israel.

Vote like you pray; like your life and your home depend upon it — because they do!! Vote Feiglin, Vote Manhigut Yehudit!! (By the way, this is not a paid political commercial, just a statement of TRUTH!) MB

Peres, Dalia Itzik Decide to Join Sharon in Kadima


“Former Labor Party chairman Shimon Peres has finalized his decision to leave the Labor Party, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s associates said late Monday night.”

“Following a meeting with Sharon at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, Labor MK Dalia Itzik announced at 11pm on Monday that she was leaving Labor for Sharon’s Kadima party. Sharon’s associates said that Itzik was part of a deal worked out with Peres, who insisted that Sharon find room on the Kadima list for his closest political ally.”

‘Sharon is willing to pay the price of a slot on Kadima’s list for Dalia Itzik to bring about the departure of Shimon Peres from the Labor Party,’ a Sharon associate said.”

Political Perambulations

Shinui Founder Reichman joins Sharon’s Kadima


Shinui founder and Herzlia Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) president Uriel Reichman became the latest acquisition in the political marketplace, after accepting an offer from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Tuesday to join his new party, Kadima.”

Reichman will be Kadima’s candidate to serve as education minister in the next cabinet and will also handle issues related to changing Israel’s system of government.”

“Sharon met with Reichman on Sunday and asked him to join. The IDC president is seen as Kadima’s answer to former Ben Gurion University of the Negev president Avishay Braverman, who joined Labor on Thursday.”

Polls have shown that Kadima has taken away ten mandates from Shinui, which would fall from the third largest party to Israel’s seventh with only five mandates, down from its current 15.



Kadima can mean moving forward, progress and forethought, but in Sharon’s case, it reminds me of when my children were young and wanted to charge off in some direction, unaware of what lay ahead. Kadima! was the charge they yelled as they went running down a hill, usually to end in a fallen heap, crying at the bottom. Kadima is the reckless charge of a young child who does not have to take responsibility for unseen dangers that are hiding just beyond the bend.”

A child falling down a hill is nothing compared to a nation losing its way, a leader betraying his own people by sacrificing their safety and entrusting their security to others. Kadima is the blind cry of innocence; and a nation cannot afford to have blind, innocent leaders.”

Livnat threatens to fire Dir.-Gen. Tirosh


“According to Israel Radio, Sharon associates have contacted Tirosh recently, and proposed that she join Kadima.

Landau: Kadima’s Members Received Political Bribes


“Likud MK Uzi Landau said Tuesday that anyone who moves to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s new party, Kadima, is doing so because of political bribes.”

Netanyahu to Begin: Come Back


“Former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu called upon former science minister Benny Begin on Monday to end his retirement from politics and return to the Likud.”

“Netanyahu issued the call in an interview with the Knesset Channel. Netanyahu said in the interview that he had spoken to people close to Begin, but Begin told The Jerusalem Post that Netanyahu had made no contact with him.”

“‘I haven’t heard from him and he hasn’t called me, so I don’t have to respond,’ Begin said.”

“Since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s departure from the Likud last week, the name of Begin’s revered father, former prime minister Menachem Begin, has been invoked more and more by Likud activists complaining about the lack of leadership in the party.”

“The call for Benny Begin to return to the Likud was seen in Likud circles as an attempt by Netanyahu to tie himself to the elder Begin…”

“Interim Likud chairman Gideon Sa’ar … called upon Kadima on Monday to return some NIS 4 million in party funding to the Likud. Sa’ar produced a document signed by Sharon and other Kadima MKs in May 2003 promising not to take the Likud’s party funding if there were a split in the party. Kadima officials ridiculed the request.”

PM to Host and Woo 45 Mayors, Most of Them From the Likud


“Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will host a gathering of some 45 council leaders and mayors, mostly Likud members, at his official residence Tuesday, in what is viewed as the prime minister’s first flexing of political muscle since forming his new party.”

“A senior Likud official accused Sharon of using illicit means to try and entice local council leaders and mayors to join his new party.”

Peretz Aide: Shimon Peres Behind Comments Made by His Brother on North Africans


“A senior source close to Labor Party Chairman Amir Peretz said on Monday it was “clear” to him that Shimon Peres was responsible for the controversial comments made by his brother that Moroccan-born Peretz was a ‘foreign body’ in Labor, who along with his people ‘from North Africa’ had taken over the party the way dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco had taken over Spain in the 1930s.”