Pre-Election Political Muck-Wrestling: Who Will Body-Slam the Fat Ones?

Israeli Islamist Mulls Joining Kadima


“A member of Israel’s Islamist Movement considers joining Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s new political party. Sami Issa, Head of Kafr Kassem Local Council, told The Jerusalem Post he remains undecided about whether to join Sharon or not.

“‘You’ll be the first to know once I make a decision,’ he said.”

Issa is one of many Arab Israeli leaders who were approached by members of Sharon’s new party to join its ranks, according to a report Friday in the Arab-Israeli daily, Kul Al-Arab. The report by investigative reporter Mohammed Watad revealed that Sharon was trying to draft Arab leaders from all over Israel to join his party in order to gain the support of the general Arab population in Israel.

Kadima Presents Party Platform

Enough to make any thinking, self-respecting Jew ill. It’s enough to know that they are nothing but self-interested surrenderists. What moves the Jewish backbone, self-respect, dignity? What gets the Jewish back up? How much indignity and persecution must be endured before the Jew gets fired up into unified action? MB

‘Peretz Took Over Labor Like Franco Took Over Spain’


“Shimon Peres’s younger brother, Gigi, lashed out at Labor Chairman Amir Peretz on Monday morning, accusing Peretz and his associates of taking over the party like ‘General Franco took over Spain.'”

“According to Peres, ‘The Falangists who came from southern Spain, came to Madrid as a fifth column and destroyed the republic. This game is totally transparent; One Nation people from northern Africa took over and shot them in the back.’

“In response to the attack, Shimon Peres’s office issued a statement rejecting Gigi Peres’s remarks. ‘These comments were said without the knowledge of Shimon Peres. The comparison is unnecessary and inappropriate,’ it read.”

“Peretz associate MK Yuli Tamir (Labor) demanded that Gigi Peres issue an apology. ‘Not me nor my friends are willing to accept a situation in which anyone would talk about us in terms of Falangists. No one here is Falanga, no matter where he’s from. Gigi should apologize, not only to us and our voters, but especially to Shimon for associating him with this grave injustice.'”

I’m no fan or admirer of Shimon Peres and his brother’s comments are surely not “politically correct.” But darn it, Peres’ brother’s comments about Amir Peretz are right on target! No apologies necessary here. MB

MK Eldad Asks Bar-On to Disqualify Himself on Omri Suspension


Bar-On, who chairs the Committee of the Knesset, has been resisting attempts to bring the issue of Omri Sharon’s conviction before the committee. The committee has the authority to determine that an MK’s criminal conviction precludes him from serving in the Knesset.”

“Eldad contends that as a member of the Kadima party set up by Omri’s father, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Bar-On would have a conflict of interest regarding Omri’s status as an MK.”

“Eldad said that if Bar-On does not allow the committee to hold the meeting soon, he would take legal action.”

Legal Counsel Says Knesset Can Discuss Suspending Omri Sharon


“Sharon was recently convicted of violating campaign election laws and of committing acts of fraud relating to his father’s campaign to head the Likud party in 1999.”

“The legal counsel’s opinion was submitted to MK Reshef Chen (Shinui) who demanded that the committee discuss the issue of Sharon’s continued Knesset membership in light of his conviction.

“According to reports, Omri Sharon’s ouster from the Knesset might cause the Kadima party to fall short of the minimum number of Knesset members required to be eligible for government campaign financing in the upcoming general election.