War News …

IDF Official: Gazans Preparing Smuggling Tunnels

Kassam Lands in Negev; None Wounded in Attack

IDF Officer Injured in Violent Riot

Explosion Near IDF Post in Hebron

Baby Wounded by Rocks Thrown at Car Near Hebron

They are still less than truthful and candid in the war news getting released to the media! MB

Analysis: PA has Final Say on Movement of Both Terrorists and Bombs at Rafah

Check out these words of Barak at IRIS:

The Rafah deal was a complete capitulation by Israel. The ‘video feed’ was a meaningless attempt to save face.” Please click this must-read post for context.

The truth means nothing, the security of the people they govern means nothing. Nothing means anything except for Arik Sharon’s self-interests. Israel’s total integrity-devoid, self respect-lacking Politicos, across the board, rush to surrender Jewish Land and Jewish Lives. They are a sleazy lot — ALL 120 Knesset Members and the PM and Ministers and Ministry infrastructures too. May they ALL, every one of them be tarred, feathered and expelled from Israel on rails! MB