Today’s Election Political Machinations …

Peres Expected to Announce Departure from Labor


“A Labor official who spoke to Peres on Sunday said that he was still angry about his surprise loss to Amir Peretz in the Labor leadership race and steamed at Peretz for refusing to reserve the second slot on the Labor list for him after initially offering him the slot. Peretz said the only slot he could give him was the symbolic 120th slot. Sources close to Peretz said that he decided against promoting Peres at the expense of his allies, because he believes that Peres would have rejected the offer and joined Kadima.”


How so typically an Israeli political move — Peretz lied straight-faced to Peres about the number 2 spot on Labor’s list. Even as Peres can be considered a despicable human being, Amir Peretz, in breaking his word and telling Peres that “the only slot he could give him was the symbolic 120th slot” gives new meaning to the words “sleaze bag” as an Indian-giver whose promises mean nothing.

Sa’ar: Kadima’s MK’s Can’t Run-Away from Likud Debts


“MK Gidon Sa’ar (Likud) has notified Avigdor Yitzhaki, chairman of Kadima party headquarters, that former Likud MK’s who joined the Kadima party had previously signed a document obligating them to use government campaign financing to cover the debts of the Likud party. The document referred to situations in which Likud MK’s would withdraw from or divide the party.”

Labor Officials: Peres Lacks Energy to Make Peace

Shinui MK Demands Halt to Kadima Party Meetings in Gov’t Offices

Cyril Kern Bribery Scandal Likely to Remain Open Until Election