More on the Eviction Refugees and Anti-Expulsion Demonstrators …

Our World: Recipe for Social Disintegration, by Caroline Glick


“In his appearance Sunday before the Knesset’s new anti-corruption investigative committee, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss announced that he will be publishing his report on the government’s implementation of the withdrawal and expulsion plan from Gaza and northern Samaria in January.

“At the same time, it is disturbing that Lindenstrauss is apparently not planning to review one of the most alarming aspects of the implementation of the withdrawal and expulsion plan this past summer: the rampant abuse of the civil rights of opponents of the plan by the criminal justice system..

AS AVITAL MOLER of the Public Defender’s Office pointed out in October in her report on the criminal justice system’s mistreatment of minors arrested while participating in demonstrations against the expulsion plan, the system’s treatment of the protesters was characterized by ‘selective enforcement of the law based on political affiliation.’ Moler found that “new law” was invented by authorities for the purpose of punishing arrested protesters who had yet to stand trial.

“A few weeks after Dr. Moler’s findings were made public, the chief public defender, Inbal Rubinstein, apologized publicly for the contents of the report after several judges pushed for Rubinstein’s firing and Boaz Okun, head of the court’s administration demanded she publicly apologize. Yet in testimony before the Knesset’s Law and Constitution Committee on November 14, Rubinstein stated that today she would have written an even more severe report and had only distanced herself from Moler’s findings because she had been coerced into doing so after being summoned for a meeting with Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.

Settlers Launch Sit-Down Strike in Jerusalem


“Three months after Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip and dismantled the 21 Jewish settlements there, settler leaders on Tuesday launched an open-ended sit down strike opposite the government compound in Jerusalem to protest the government ‘neglect’ and ‘obtuseness’ in dealing with the thousands of forced Israeli evacuees.

Sit-In Strike Begins in Jerusalem

Pullout Foes Sentenced to Community Service