Bibi McCarthy and his Attempted Character Assassination of Moshe Feiglin …

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Netanyahu: Today the Likud Begins a Path of Renewal


Netanyahu said that next week, he intends to bring a proposal to the central committee calling for the banning of those who had been convicted of felonies and who had been sentenced to at least three-months’ detention [2] from any official position in the party.

‘I want to stress that by introducing this proposal, our aim is not to resolve issues of ideology. This is done by our party democracy. Its aim is to clean the party of criminal elements,'[2] he stressed.”

Netanyahu: Corruption Must be Ousted From Party

Text in Totality;

“In his Monday evening address to the Likud Central Committee in Tel Aviv, party leader Binyamin Netanyahu spoke of expelling corruption from the party ranks, adding criminal elements [2] must be removed from the party.

“The newly-elected party leader was referring to Moshe Feiglin who heads the Likud’s Manhigut Yehudit-Jewish Leadership faction, who served a prison sentence for his civil disobedience leading protests against the Oslo process.”

Bibi: Show Criminals the Way Out


“The Likud Central Committee approved two proposals by Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu Monday, giving the party’s number two spot to Foreign minister Silvan Shalom, while delaying the upcoming Likud primaries to January 12.”

“The postponement is needed to introduce a change in the Likud charter aimed at banning candidates with criminal records from running in the primaries, a move widely seen as an attempt to keep Moshe Feiglin [2] out of the party list.”

“‘As a first step, we must do two vital things that have been lacking in our movement in recent years. First, we must close ranks – there are no camps, and no factions…’ Bibi told those in attendance.”

“‘The second thing is cleaning up our movement. In recent years – and only in recent years – the Likud’s name has been tainted. Criminal elements [2] have entered our movement. Their number may be marginal, miniscule even – but the damage they have caused is great. This minority has stained the name of our movement, the name of our loyal activists, and the tens of thousands of members, who are honest people,’ Netanyahu said.”

“‘As we set out on our new path, we must show these criminal elements [2] the way out. Their place is not among us. They can go elsewhere, to another party,’ the Likud chairman declared.”

Bibi Tries to Explain Away Further:

Netanyahu: Ideological Differences Are Not the Problem


“Netanyahu insisted that he is working to oust Feiglin due to his criminal record, not due to his ideological differences. Feiglin was convicted for his civil disobedience opposition to the Oslo Agreements.”


Bibi, Give Me a break! This author finds a number of aspects of this story both interesting and blood-boiling.

1/ That Bibi, Shalom, Sharon before them insisted on branding those of
Manhigut Yehudit — The Jewish Leadership Faction within Likud as
“Feiglin”, the “Feiglins”, “Feiglinist”, “Feiglinstim.”

These cowardly slime who wish to expel Feiglin somehow lack the conviction of principle to call it like it is; that they hate and disdain the idea of Jewish Leadership.

Here is where Feiglin has won, whether Bibi, Shalom, Mofaz, Livnat, Livni, HaNegbi and yes, the Big, Overweight Enchilata Arik Sharon like it or not. The fact is that Moshe Feiglin has brought to light the utter and complete hate, contempt and disdain for Jewish Custom, Tradition, Torah and Hashem held by the above mentioned individuals.

2/ The verbiage used by Bibi, Shalom and others brands Moshe as a common criminal, equated with a Shmuel Flatto-Sharon or convicted counterfeiter MK Shlomi Oz. How many times must we repeat that Moshe was convicted political opposition only? How many times must we repeat that Moshe served NO prison time, but was sentenced to community service? How many times must we repeat that both the Likud Court and the High Court of Judges ruled that the limitation time on the so-called “moral turpitude” expired long before the past primary? Finally, Feiglin is as clean as a whistle — no clue of wrong-dong, no clue of gangstering or counterfeiting, and he’s faithful to his wife and family too!

3/ The tendency of segments of the Observant community, once having voted for Moshe in the Likud primary increasing his support 3 – 4 fold, to now express regret due to attempts of Bibi and the Likud McCarthyists to expel him. The scuttle-butt in many a conversation is such that they perceive that there is no chance, no chance for Moshe to politically survive the attempt to oust him, no chance that Moshe will even be on Likud’s Knesset list, let alone a slot on list representative of what he polled in the Primary.

These segments have thrown in the rag declaring that all is lost rather than sticking to the strength pf principle and conviction which led them to the Manhigut Yehudit camp in the first place. It is soo bloodboiling to watch the meek Jews of Gulus mentality always running, always scared, allowing themselves to be as grasshoppers, rather than standing erect like men.

But Moshe has won; that while Bibi, Shalom and their Likud lackies defame and libel his name by placing a bogus criminal label upon him, these same lackies can’t seem to tell it like it is. This author reiterates, that the truth be told they hate and disdain the idea of Jewish Leadership and therefore aim at Feiglin, rather than Manhigut Yehudit as a faction, in a feable, transparent attempt to mask their evil intent.

Read Moshe’s book, “Where There Are No Men, Be a Man”, see what he, Shmuel Sackett and others have gone through and what they have devoted their lives to. Get Fired Up! MB


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