Thursday War News: Kassams, IDF Action in Gaza; 4 Jordanian Terrorists Freed

Two Kassam Rockets Fired at West Negev; None Hurt

IDF Kills Eight Gunmen in Gaza Strip

IDF Questions Palestinians in Gaza

2 IDF Soldiers Wounded in RPG Attack [Anti-Tank Missiles]

Hamas Fires Mortars at Erez Crossing; None Wounded

Related report: Fire Ignited by PA Cluster Bombs

IAF Airstrike Kills at Least 1 in Gaza Strip

4 Jordanian Terrorists Return to their Native Land

Related report: Israel Repatriates 4 Jordanian Lifers Who Killed IDF Soldiers

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IDF Arrests Palestinian Fugitive East of Kalkilya

Soldier Reports Being Attacked by Arab in North

IDF Arrests 13 Palestinian Fugitives in West Bank [Judea and Samaria]