Fatah, Hamas Gaza War: Real? Or Bogus Shakedown of Israel?

Barak of IRIS points out, in a MUST READ piece, that the latest Arab, Islamic scam, a fraudulent, staged “war” made for international and gullible Israeli political consumption, may be the most ambitious, largest-scale Pallywood production ever. That is; the so-called Fatah, Hamas war was nothing more than a choreographed shakedown of Israel for millions of dollars which will find their way to the level of acquisition of tons of contraband, i.e. smuggled weapons and ammunition, payments to terrorists, etc. all aimed at killing and maiming more Jews.

And it seems blatantly obvious that Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, Haim Ramon, and yes, Bibi Netanyahu and Moshe Ya’alon too and the rest of their band of political rogues are in derelection of solemn duty by their complicity resulting in hundreds of millions of USD being handed over to PA hands. They lack Torah rooting and values and so, just haven’t been totally disabused of “Land for Peace”, despite whatever drivvle their leftist MSM happens to spout at any given moment. MB