Olmert’s Sleight-of-Hand on Prisoner Releases

Terror Victims: Gov’t ‘Covering Up’ Illegal Release

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The government is trying “to cover up” its proposed release of Jordanian terrorists and has “proven that the State acted without fulfilling all legal requirements,” the Terror Victims Association (Almagor) charged. The government’s response to a petition to the High Court to cancel the agreement to free the terrorists “merely compounds the crime,” charged Meir Indor, director of the group.

He accused Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of succumbing to years of pressure from the Jordanian government to free the murderers. The Prime Minister “is now trying to retroactively cover up his actions using legal claims” by arguing that the prisoners will complete their sentence in Jordan. “It is clear to all that Jordan’s intention is to release them as soon as possible,” Indor explained.

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