Olmert: No Intention of Providing Maximal Protection to All Residents of Gaza Periphery


Once again, we hear the latest variation on Olmert’s general theme; “I’m too tired to win” which translated shows again the the extent of elitist Olmert’s callous disdain for the Negev towns, including Sderot, and for the entire people which he governs. Maximal protection? The people of the Southern Negev towns, including Sderot have NOT even been minimally protected as indicated here, here and here despite Olmert’s empty and worthless pledges and promises. MB  [...]  Click here to read more.

Palestinians’ National identity… Characterized by Hatred for Israel


The report compiled below sheds no new light about facts that we already knew prior to the leftist politically-agendized historical revisionists who came along endeavoring to replace truth with their own distorted, bogus version of history. But Dr. Haivry’s report bolsters and reinforces the truth vs left’s revisionist history invented and endoctrinated onto the masses. MB

Was There Ever a Palestinian ‘Nation’?, by Ofir Haivry (Ynet)

“During the less than 30 years of the existence of this Mandate, from which the Palestinians draw their name, no significant indications were to be found of a united national identity of their own. The leader of Mandate Arabs was the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini… headed a loose alliance of clans, tribes, and local interests that were mostly united by hatred towards the Jews, and to a lesser extent towards the British.” [...]  Click here to read more.

Friday War News: Shechem Operation Ends

Soldiers Shoot Aksa Gunman to Death in Nablus [Shechem] Taxi


“The gunman was traveling with another armed Palestinian passenger, the IDF said. The second gunman and the taxi driver fled the scene.
Palestinians identified the man as a 26-year-old Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades operative.”

IDF Troops Arrest Three Palestinians in West Bank [Judea and Samaria]

Kidnappers Propose Prisoner Swap Deal: Shalit for Johnston [Johnson Released, Hamas to Deliver Shalit to the Army of Islam]

Bomb Thrown at IDF in Nablus [Shechem]; None Wounded [...]  Click here to read more.

Why Do Israeli Officials Think They Know Better??


Why do Israeli officials think that they know better? Why do they think they’re sooo smart — especially when they’ve been proven wrong soo many times? Must readers be reminded; the Yom Kippur War intelligence failures, the withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000, the Oslo accords, the Wye Agreement and 2 years ago, Expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and 4 Shomron towns which was supposed to end terror emanating from Gaza.

And let us not forget about these so-called smart experts and their agreement with Egypt about monitoring the Gaza Crossings, the total unpreparedness in last summer’s Lebanon conflict of all levels of Israeli military and governance and these smart guys’ dependence and reliance upon upon 3rd party forces and “guarantees” during the past year subsequent to the conflict.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Thursday War News: Kassam Blitz, Battles in Judea and Samaria, Gaza

Regime’s Legalized Experimentation with Jewish Lives


Voluminous documented cases exist of human experimentation performed during the holocaust. And we read, every so often in recent years, about other such experimentations as well as cases of illegal selling of human organs for experimentation, etc. But the repeated chutzpadik experimentation with Jewish lives; Olso, abandonment of south Lebanon, the expulsion from Gush Katif, etc. by successive Israeli regimes is visible for all with objective, non-brainwashed eyes to see.

Officials will no doubt claim that the process can be stopped at any time if it turns out that our confidence in Palestinian actions has been misplaced. [...]  Click here to read more.

Bolton: Israel’s [Iran] Options Limited; More Danger, You are Closer

Bolton: I’m ‘Very Worried’ for Israel, By David Horowitz (Jerusalem Post)


Former UN Ambassador Bolton, by expressing fear for Israel and explaining the current handcuffed policies of the Bush Administration puts out the best possible argument, without actually saying it, for an Israeli attack upon Iran’s nuclear facilities and capabilities.

It’s time for the government of Israel to trash distorted Western morality and act even against facilities built in civilian areas and thus protected by “human-shields,” and do what must be done to defend the nation against Ahmadinejad’s lust for the eradication of the Jews, even if that lust covers all infidels — including America. MB [...]  Click here to read more.

Wednesday War News: Kassams, Gaza Gunbattles – Arabs, IDF

Hamas Shuns Al-Qaida’s Support, They Follow Ahmadinejad

Hamas Shuns Al-Qaida’s Support (Associated Press)

This blog has posted two items concerning what seems emerging as a close relationship between Fatah and Al-Qaida such that “Egyptian intelligence chief Gen. Omar Suleiman, Masha’al said Dahlan and his allies were working with Al Qaida-aligned groups to undermine Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

Now, from this AP report, it emerges that Hamas, the evil, vile terrorist killers that they are, apparently have at least held by a principle, at least where it relates to Al-Qaida; [...]  Click here to read more.