Thursday War News: Kassam Blitz, Battles in Judea and Samaria, Gaza

Bomb Thrown at IDF Troops in Nablus [Shechem]; None Wounded

Palestinian With Molotov Cocktail Shot by IDF Force

IDF Finds Weapons in Shechem

Seven Wounded in Shechem

Related reports:

Israel Imposes Curfew on Town of Nablus [Shechem]

5 Troops Wounded by Bomb in West Bank [Judea and Samaria]

IDF Soldier Critically Wounded in Shechem (UPDATE)

Soldier Seriously Wounded in Nablus [Shechem] Op

IDF Captain Wounded in Shechem

Rocks Thrown on Israeli Vehicle Near Shechem

M-16 Rifle Found in Car Near Kalkilya

IDF Arrests Eight Wanted Terrorists

IDF Seizes Gaza Weapons [Cache]

Gaza: Bomb and Missile Attack on IDF, Soldiers OK

Troops Come Under Attack in South Gaza; None Hurt

Two Kassams Fall in Sderot; None Wounded

3 Kassam Rockets Land in West Negev; None Wounded

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