Hamas Shuns Al-Qaida’s Support, They Follow Ahmadinejad

Hamas Shuns Al-Qaida’s Support (Associated Press)

This blog has posted two items concerning what seems emerging as a close relationship between Fatah and Al-Qaida such that “Egyptian intelligence chief Gen. Omar Suleiman, Masha’al said Dahlan and his allies were working with Al Qaida-aligned groups to undermine Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

Now, from this AP report, it emerges that Hamas, the evil, vile terrorist killers that they are, apparently have at least held by a principle, at least where it relates to Al-Qaida;

That “our movement has its own platform. We make our own decisions based on the ways of our official institutions and certainly not on remarks sent to us by leaders of such groups and others far away from here.”

In other words, they claim to run their own show and will not be told what to do by Al-Qaida. Yet, as has been reported, Hamas takes its queues from Iran’s Ahmadinejad and so, both movements seek destruction of the Jews in accordance with their respective clients.

So, there you have the two evils. There is NO “lesser of two evils” and so there are NOT, and never were any “negotiation partners.”

But far be it from Ehud Olmert, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, etc. to let the truth stand in the way of their absurd, outrageous follies; to release hundreds of Islamic terrorists, to turn over hundred of millions US$ in withheld tax transfers to the PA, to give them more weaponry while searching for some way or rationale to jetison Jewish Land, as 3 captive Israeli soldiers begin their 2nd year of captivity. MB

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