Wednesday War News: Kassams, Gaza Gunbattles – Arabs, IDF

Kassam Slams into Ashkelon; 2 Severely Injured

Kassam Rocket Fired at Western Negev; No Injured

Kassam Early-Warning System Activated in Sderot

Gaza: 12 Palestinians Dead, 40 Wounded in Clashes with IDF

Related reports;

At Least Six Palestinians Killed, Two Soldiers Wounded in IDF Gaza Raids

IDF Operates in Northern and Southern Gaza

Terrorists firing anti-tank shells hit by IDF tank shell, Islamic Jihad terrorist Di Abu Daka killed in gunfight in Khan Younis.

5 Terrorists Dead in 2 Counter-Terror Operations in Gaza

2 IDF soldiers Injured in Gaza

Explosion Kills Islamic Jihad Rocket Terrorist in Gaza [Probable Work Accident]

PA claims IAF air strike, IDF denies.

IDF Arrests Four Wanted Terrorists [Near Hevron, Near Ramallah]

Gunfight in Shechem, Two Wounded

Three Palestinians Wounded in Firefight with IDF [Near Jenin]

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