Gaza Beach Blast June 9, 2006: Hoax Exposed


Gaza Girls’ “Hysterics”: a Pallywood Hoax

Dr. Aaron Lerner of Independent Media Research and Analysis (IMRA) has posted this film on Pallywood’s Gaza Beach hoax;

Second Draft has just put up a ten-minute film entitled, “Gaza Beach Tragedy: Exploiting Grief.”

Richard Landes
The Second Draft


After Second Draft’s film, click here for the film posted by Little Green Footballs one day after the “event.” Please view and pass on to other bloggers and everyone you know.

The Olmert defeatist, self-hating Israeli regime is still dangerously 1 1/2 years too slow on the uptake regarding so-called “innocent Gaza civilians” — victims of their own Palestinian Authority’s total disregard for the safety and welfare of it’s people in the interest of defaming Israel.

The Olmert regime and its leftist MSM seems more enamored of pictures such as this one denoting shame, rather than protecting and securing the Jewish lives which it governs. MB


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