Friday War News: Kassam Near Security Fence, More on Way?, IAF Strikes on Rafah Gunmen; High Risk for Jews in Sinai; Terror Attacks in Jerusalem, Kfar Etzion; Moslems Restricted at Har HaBayit

Kassam Rocket Lands Near Security Fence; None Injured

IAF strikes Kill Four Gunmen Near Rafah

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Second IDF Strike Brings Terrorist Death Toll to Four

Terrorists Killed in IAF Strike

Israelis in Sinai at High Risk of Abduction, NSC Warns

Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Medium-Range [700 KM] Missile

Palestinians Open Fire at IDF Troops Near Jenin; No Injuries

Police Limit Entrance of Male Islamic Worshippers to Temple Mount Fri [to Over 40 YO Holders of Israeli ID]

Border Policeman Killed by Terrorists in Jerusalem [Near Entrance to Shuafat Refugee Camp]

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Terror Attacks North and South of Jerusalem, by Ezra HaLevi (Israel National News)

Policewoman in Moderate to Serious Condition

“I Fired, then Fainted,” Wounded Officer Tells Dichter

4 Wounded, 2 Terrorists Killed [in Terrorist Infiltration of Kfar Etzion High School]

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Kfar Etzion Terrorists Were Fresh from Jail [Were Serving One Year for Weapons Possession; Freed From Israeli Jail Last Week]

IDF Praises Yeshiva Students [Two Counselors] for Stopping Terrorists