Shabbos War News: Five Kassams Fired; IDF Closes Egyptian Border Tourist Spots; Iran Nukes Beyond “Manhattan” Level; Rock and Stabbing Attacks

Two Kassams, Two Mortars Fired at Israel; No Casualties

Palestinians Fire Kassam Rocket into Western Negev; None Wounded

Two Kassam Rockets Land in West Negev; None Wounded [Friday Night]

IDF Closes Off Hiking Trails, Tourist Spots on Egypt-Israel Border

“Hiking trails and tourist spots near the Israeli-Egyptian border were closed until further notice late Friday night following the infiltration of hundreds of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip into Sinai…”

Iran Receives 7th Shipment of Russian Fuel for Nuclear Power Plant

“…The official IRNA news agency reported…. ‘Of 82 tons of initial fuel needed for the Bushehr nuclear power plant, 77 tons have been shipped to Iran so far.'”

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Barak: Iran Preparing Nuclear Warheads, by Gil Ronen (Israel National News)

“Barak said: ‘Our interpretation is that clearly the Iranians are aiming at nuclear capability. It’s probably true that . . . they may have slowed down the weapons group in 2003, because it was the height of American militarism… We think that they are quite advanced, much beyond the level of the Manhattan Project.'”

4 Israelis Injured by Rocks Thrown Near Bethlehem

Border Policeman Stabbed by Palestinian [in Atarot Industrial Zone, North of Jerusalem]

Palestinian Armed With Knife Nabbed in Hebron