Any Annapolis “Deal” MUST Be Subject to Knesset Approval

This short report appeared in the Jerusalem Post on Monday;

MK Eitan: Any Annapolis Deal Should Specify: ‘Pending Knesset Approval’ (Jerusalem Post)

Full Text;

MK Michael Eitan (Likud) asked Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz to inform the prime minister that if he signs any agreement at the Annapolis conference he must add a clause stating that the deal is pending Knesset approval, Israel Radio reported Sunday night.

Eitan said that according to Mazuz, without such a clause, Israel would be committed to any agreement signed at the conference, irrespective of the Knesset’s position.

Eitan made the remarks after an exchange of letters with the attorney general.


Likud MK Eitan is correct in bringing this point to the fore. After all, Ehud Olmert and his protexia-class cronies who went to Annapolis are not exactly pillars of either democracy or of morality, justice and integrity in government.

As such, the security and welfare of the nation they govern is secondary to their etrogization; their being coddled by left and thus protected by the left from prosecution for the corruption, graft, influence-peddling charges against them — this in trade for accepting and taking on the leftist agenda.

The only problem, yet a gargantuin problem which the people face is the dire lack of unity, and a lack of leadership resistant to leftist pressure and blackmail, necessary to bring down the Olmert regime and bring about urgent, drastic changes in Israel’s system of governance.

Consider Minister Ami Ayalon’s Sunday meeting with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef;

In the hope of persuading him to keep his party in the government after the Annapolis summit. Ayalon said afterwards that Shas “will not leave the coalition so fast” even if negotiations with the Palestinian Authority advance following the Annapolis summit.

It is being announced in the media that apparently there will be No Joint Israel-PA Statement for Annapolis due to Livni and Qurei failing to agree.

But who is to say that what comes out of Annapolis won’t mandate implementation of “Road Map” by completely skipping over the “PA’s obligation to dismantle terrorist infrastructure and completely halt all terrorist activity that emanates from areas under its control” and going right to implementation of Israel’s “obligations”; “freezing all construction and expansion of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, destroying “illegal” outposts and removing security checkpoints on roads? [thus allowing free passage of terrorists, missiles, mortars and putting “Israel’s Sharon and Dan regions in peril”].

Take note that already, as a result of Israel’s pre-Annapolis action — a freeze on building beyond the so-called “green-line”, the municipality of the settlement-city of Ariel plans to evict former Gaza Evictees, whose construction of permanent residences has been frozen by the halt in building, from their caravans next year thus adding further pain and uprooting to the mental anguish they already carry.

Who knows what grave consequences will come out of Annapolis and who can be soo naive and trusting a friar (sucker) as to trust America’s “impartiality” as the arbiteur of the progress of the Roadmap?

And relating to Jerusalem, former chief of staff Ya’alon speaks near totally devoid of any spiritual attachment to the heart of our Jewish nation. Israel National news quotes Ya’alon’s one and only spiritually- related comment; “You cannot divide your soul.” In warning against an Annapolis mandate for abrogation of the old city, of Har HaBayit, he speaks solely in terms of security and defense, in total negation of Jerusalem, as the seat of Yiddishkiet and the place Hashem long ago designated as His Place and which has been the heart of the Jews for thousands of years — the place we face in prayer from throughout the world. Ya’alon — just another phony, just another pretty, but shallow political face with no substance behind his words.

In short, it IS at Our Door, at all of our doors and we cannot be complacent, we cannot be “business as usual” as when not nearly enough of us cared for our Gush Katif brethren and for our Jewish land. MB

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