Monday War News: Kassams Launched from Gaza, IDF Acts Against Launchers; Hevron Attack Foiled, Shomron, Galilee Rock Attacks, 14 Terrorists Arrested, Terrorist Killer of 16 Jailed for 450 Yrs.

IDF Attacks Kassam Launchers in Gaza; 1 Hamas Member Killed

2 Kassam Rockets Fired at Israel; No Injuries Reported

5 Gaza Terrorists Eliminated on Sunday

Palestinian Intending to Attack Israelis Arrested in Cave of Patriarchs

Military Court Jails Terrorist for 450 Years

But let’s see how long it is until he’s caught in the Olmert regime’s revolving door — heading out again to kill and maim more Jews! MB

IDF Arrests 14 Wanted Terrorists

Rock Attacks in Samaria

Galilee Arabs Throw Rocks on Cars, Smash Windshields

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