Tuesday War News: Opening of Annapolis — More Kassams, Mortars, Bombs and Land Mines, IDF Action in Gaza; Iran’s 2000 km Missile; Illegals Cause Accident, Terrorist Arrests

Mortars Fired at Israel, No Casualties; IDF Targets Hamas in Response

Kassam, Two Mortar Shells Fired From Gaza; No Casualties or Damage

IDF Hits Armed Palestinians in the Southern Gaza Strip

Kassam Rocket Lands in Western Negev; None Wounded, No Damage

Three Mortars Land in West Negev; No Wounded or Damage

Egyptian Police Find Bombs, Land Mines in Sinai

IAF Attacks two Palestinian Gunmen near North Gaza Border

Related reports;

IDF Aerial Attack Hit Two Gaza Terrorists

Israeli Troops kill 2 Hamas Operatives in Gaza

Arabs Confirm IDF Kills Two Hamas Terrorists

Iran Says It Has Built New Long-Range Missile

“Iranian defense minister claims his country developed new missile with 2,000 km range, which could hit Israel.”

2,500 Illegal Aliens Held for Questioning by Authorities

Illegal PA Arabs Cause Crash Near Jerusalem

Terrorist Arrested near Shechem

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