Gala Hachnasat Sefer Torah in Yishuv Adura, Sivan 13, 5767; 30 May, 2007

The Sefer Torah Recycling Network takes pleasure in announcing that a Hachnasat Sefer Torah took place on Wednesday evening at Yishuv Adura in Har Chevron. All who attended the event experienced a truly special and uplifting evening.

At 5:30 PM on Wednesday, our 2 buses set out for Adura, arriving at 6:15.

After davening Mincha, the dancing and music commenced, with our Sefer Torah being held by Moshe Becker, the father of Arik Becker z”l, one of the victims of the attack. Our Sefer was accompanied by two other S’fardi Sifrei Torah as we danced from the Yishuv’s community center all around the Adura community and then to a park area dedicated to the memory of the 5 terror victims .That is where the dancing continued and where the speeches took place.

Thanks to Ephrayim Naiman, the Kol B’Rama Choir gave a terrific performance of a beautiful selection of tunes between speakers.

The speakers included the Rav of the Yishuv — Rabbi Avichayil, Rav Malinowitz, Beit Shemesh Deputy Mayor Shalom Lerner, Mo’etza Har Hevron’s Reuven Tal and Tzviki Bar-Chai and this author.

Also speaking was the brother of Avi Hazan z”l, a resident and victim of an earlier terror attack in Jerusalem on a Motsei Shabbos in February, 2 months before the attack at Adura in April, 2002.

Refreshments were served after Mincha and in the park during speeches.

Much thanks should go to Yuval Shoshani, Adura’s gabbai, for organizing a beautiful, flawless event; and to Aryeh Sonnenberg for his work regarding bus and event logistics. Many thanks to both Shalom Lerner and Reuven Tal for facilitating assistance in funding transportation. Thanks also to Rafi Goldmeier and Tzvi Yisrael for photography and to Matt Bornstein for helping to produce the flyers both for donations and to promote the event.

After the choir performance and speeches, we again danced in procession with the Sefer Torah to Yishuv Adura’s Beit Knesset where the Sefer was officially installed in a ceremony into the Aron HaKodesh followed by Maariv and the group returning by bus to RBS.

Adura’s residents were extremely moved by the effort to not only bring the Sefer Torah but by all of the warmth and excitement that our community provided. Adura has been plagued by terror and the beautiful Sefer Torah dedication in memory of the Kedoshim brought comfort and encouragement.

For more background on Yishuv Adura, click on this post from Life in Israel, the Israel National News coverage of the event; Joy and Unity in the Wake of Tragedy in Adurah as well as the post on my Shabbos in Adura at the beginning of May, 2007.

Additional pictures and coverage will follow in the coming days.