Thursday War News: More Kassam Blitz

Kassam Lands in Sderot, No Injuries Reported

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Kassam Lands South of Ashkelon; No Injuries

Rocket Attacks Force Charity Group [in Sderot] To Shut Down

Lieberman: Disengage from Gaza

“Complete closure of crossings between Gaza and the western Negev, the bombing of Gaza neighborhoods in response to Kassam rocket attacks, an end to diplomatic contact with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas… ending the flow of water, electricity, and gas to Gaza and the immediate cessation of visiting rights for family members of terrorist prisoners until the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.”

IAF, Artillery Attack Kassam Launchers

Palestinians Fire Kassam Into Israel; None Hurt

Kassam Rocket Fired at West Negev; None Wounded

Kassam Rocket Lands in Open Negev Territory

IDF Arrests 8 Palestinians During West Bank Ops

Hamas Terrorists Plotted Large-Scale Attack Near Hevron

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