Mean Me’ir: Another Regime Lackey Passing the Buck at Expense of Sderot Residents

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Minister Attacks Gaydamak


At the weekly Cabinet meeting, Housing and Construction Minister Meir Sheetrit denounced an offer by Russian-born Israeli business tycoon Arcadi Gaydamak to provide fortification for 1,300 housing units in Sderot, calling the idea “ridiculous.”

Minister Sheetrit had equally disparaging words for complaints by residents of the rocket-battered city who have accused the government of neglecting to repair, upgrade and increase the number of bomb shelters in the western Negev town.

“There is a state of panic, hysteria,” said Mr. Sheetrit. “I understand these people, but Sderot has bomb shelters. Is the government supposed to prepare the shelters? Each house should be responsible for their own. You cannot lay all the responsibility on the government.”

The minister added that Mr. Gaydamak’s pledge of $30 million to help fortify buildings in the town was a drop in the bucket and “cannot be taken seriously.” He added that “Fortification of the houses in Sderot is a long process and it will not happen in a day. Gaydamak definitely cannot solve the problem.”


What about protection and security for the children of Sderot? What about that Jews in Sderot and thrughout the Negev can’t walk travel with any sense of security? What about the promised funding? Mean Me’ir, Gaydamak is trying to help and is not part of the problem. You are! In short, Olmert, Peretz, Livni and Me’ir Sheetrit are guilty of gross neglect and mal-feasance in office. You MUST all fall from power in order to save the nation. MB