Kadima Party Full of Bullies, Example: Me’ir Sheetrit …

Meir Sheetrit on School Visit Says Amona Residents are Evil

Full Text;

“Education and Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit (Kadima, formerly of Likud), told students on a visit to a school in Beit El yesterday that the residents of Amona and their supporters were evil.”

“Sheetrit responded to a girl who read him a letter relating to the events at Amona. The girl asserted that ‘G-d punishes evil doers.’”

“Sheetrit interrupted the girl and exclaimed angrily, ‘To whom exactly are you referring to by the word ‘evil’?’”

“’Who settled illegally in Amona? Who’s evil?’ continued Shitrit. ‘In other words, you’re the evil one,’ Israel’s Education Minister proclaimed to the young girl.”


Two points here;

1/ MK Sheetrit; You’re a Real Big Man, aren’t you. A Real Ehud Olmert wannabe — No compliment intended. You’re not enough of a man to address your nastiness to someone capable of going toe to verbal toe with you, are you? Better to ape Olmert [who bullied Nefeh b’Nefesh new olim] and bully a young girl in a school atmosphere where she could not properly respond to your verbal abuse with the flat-out truth. But since, in your blind, mindless hate of anything Jewish, you call this young girl “evil”, what about the tens of thousands of illegal Arab buildings in Israel? Better and easier to get away with bullying Jews? Who’s evil MK Sheetrit?

2/ This author knows that Hashem will properly judge and punish evil.
You’d best be concerned! The young lady needn’t be. MB