Ehud, Read Our Lips: Co-existence and Islam Are Not Compatible


Recently, Arlene Peck, wrote an opinion article which appeared on the Israel National News website and this author deems it an urgent and important to digest and internalize, not merely in Chutz L’Aretz, but in Israel as well.

Peck writes;

Symposiums such as that of the America’s Truth Forum do so much to educate us to understand the minds and needs of Muslims, and to convey that, no matter what, Islam and democracy are not compatible. When we think of democracy, we think of freedom of speech, the ability to write and speak about whatever it is that bothers us. Our list of “What Freedom Means to Us” is huge. When a typical Muslim thinks of “democracy,” he can sum it up in one sentence: I won’t be a slave. Simple?

Poverty is not a reason for this state of affairs. Land has nothing to do with it, either. Many countries are poor; their people just don’t go out and cut off heads. It is our business to connect the dots, and meetings like this clarify what is wrong and what needs to be done about it.

People should be clamoring to assist with the dissemination of this vital information. Those fortunate enough to be able to contribute financially should be standing in line to help pay for such an educational symposium. We, as Americans, Jews and all human beings lucky enough to live in our free society, have much to lose by keeping our heads in the sand and refusing to recognize the danger we are all in.

What will it take to allow everyone to clearly see the handwriting on the wall? And don’t say that we haven’t been given fair warning. The Islamo-fascist terrorists have stated very plainly what it is that they desire: to eradicate Western Civilization.

It’s time to wake up and smell the humus.

Arlene’s point is simply, as she states in her last sentence; “The Islamo-fascist terrorists have stated very plainly what it is that they desire: to eradicate Western Civilization.”

But in Israel, the current Olmert regime calls off a military action because of human shields (protecting and co-conspiring with Islamic terrorists who indescriminately rocket or suicide bomb innocent Jews) because the Israeli leftist elitists, out of their total disconnection from Judaism, give parity between the innocent Jewish victims of the terrorist rocket launchers or suicide bombers and the bombers or rocket launchers themselves . Thus, in Israel, the current prime minister hangs his head in shame when accused of indescriminate civilian bombing. Only later is the rumor, the accusation inevitably dispelled when blogosphere smells out bogus Pallywood or Hezbollywood productions. And so, in Israel enemy lives take preference over Jewish lives.

In Israel, change the above sentence to read, “The Islamo-fascist terrorists have stated very plainly what it is that they desire: to eradicate Israel, to eradicate the Jews — the infidels.” In Israel, Co-existence and Islam are NOT compatible. MB

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