Thursday War News

Israeli Stabbed Near Hebron

PA Arabs Attack IDF Soldiers Near Jenin, No Injuries

Report: IDF Kills [Firebomb Throwing] Palestinian, Wounds 2 by Nablus

Dozens Gather Outside Olmert’s Office to Protest [Ongoing, Unreported] Qassam Fire

Palestinian With 3 Pipe Bombs Arrested Near Nablus

No Injuries in Bomb Attack [at Kever Rachel]

Navy Stops Boat Illegally Positioned Near Ashkelon

Palestinian Armed With knife Arrested Near J’lem

34 Arrested in Counter-Terror Operations

Terrorists Fire at Border Police in Ramallah District

Report: Shalit Release Dependent on Barghouti

And of course, at some point the politically self-concerned Olmert will again abrogate Israel’s security by accomodating and releasing murderer Marwan Barghouti. MB

No Injuries in Wednesday Night Bomb Attack

Bus Targeted in Firebomb Attack

Israelis Injured in Kalkilye Area Rock Attacks

IDF to Establish Hizbullah Enemy Training Unit

Commentary (8:36 AM);

Where are all of the overnight police and army sweeps and arrests in Yehuda and the Shomron? Do you mean that there have been only one or two firebombing or rock-throwing incidences? Do you mean that only one policewoman has been run-down in the last 24 hours by Arabs in a stolen Israeli car? C’mon, give us a break. There has to be more terrorist activity than what is being reported on the news sites.

We have a “ceasefire” and Olmert surely must have the censor working overtime making sure that Arab, Islamic terror news is supressed and the people’s right to know grossly violated as he develops his spin toward “convergence.” MB

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