Donating to The Sefer Torah Recycling Network …

Seeking Chesed-oriented Jews, or a Chesed-oriented Kehilla to step forward to either donate a used Sefer Torah, and/or to be Philanthropic Angels or to donate the funds necessary to acquire and restore Sifrei Torah for needy Jewish communities in Israel.

The Sefer Torah Recycling Network has been in existence for 14 years and in this period, we have facilitated placement of 13 Sifrei Torah in needy locations in Israel on a shoe-string, zero-budget basis. To maximize and beautify the performance of this Mitzvah requires development of a more formalized organization as described below.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Israel’s Existence Gravely Endangered by Political and Military Elites…

The Commission of Inquiry’s Conclusions, By Moshe Feiglin (Israel National News)


This author is a long-time and devoted supporter of Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit. This blog has had numerous posts endorsing Moshe, Manhigut Yehudit and it’s positions on various issues.

Lest anyone have any doubts, this dissent is expressed out of unity and out of support for the goals Manhigut Yehudit has put forth, “to make Israel the authentic Jewish homeland… — an Israel motivated and governed by Jewish values and love for every Jew.” [...]  Click here to read more.

Wednesday War News…

Terrorist Arrested North of Jerusalem

Gaza Terrorists Shot

Gaza Rocket Launchers Destroyed

Terrorist Shot in Northern Gaza

Police Arrest Tanzim Operative

Kassam Fired at Sderot; None Injured, No Damage

IDF Foils Tunnel Attack Near Gaza Fence

“Dug by terror operatives on the outskirts of the Shajaiyeh neighborhood in Gaza City. The opening of the 13-meter-deep, 150-meter-long tunnel was found inside a building at least one kilometer away from the Gaza security fence. It was believed that the target of the attack was the nearby Karni Crossing.”
 [...]  Click here to read more.

Gays Running Interference for Olmert’s “Government Commission” ?? Police Nix Event: Too Close to New Year …

Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem Rescheduled


“The Open House organization has announced the International Gay Pride Parade will take place in Jerusalem on September 21st. The event was scheduled to take place in the capital in August, but was postponed due to the war in Lebanon.”


One crucial question; Olmert knows the timing all too well — Gay Parade on
September 21st, the day before Erev Rosh Hashanah. Is he using the Gays to run interference to evade institution of a State Commission to investigate all aspects of the conduct of the War in Lebanon?? MB
 [...]  Click here to read more.

“Detach Us From the Evil Spirit:” Olmert and Halutz Must Go, NOW!

Protest in the Rose Garden, By Ari Shavit (Haaretz)

“…The Prime Minister and Chief of Staff of Arrogance must both go. Not only because they have been wrong all the way. Not only because they have been wrong, have been deceptive and have cooked up a disaster. But because getting rid of both will distance us from the distorted values that both of them represent. Separation from both of them will detach us from the evil spirit that tricked us for years.”

“Parting from Olmert and Halutz will not solve the deeply ingrained problem, but it will allow us to start dealing with it. It will allow Israel to embark on a long path toward a new beginning.” [...]  Click here to read more.

Insulting Jewish Intelligence…

An Insult to Our Intelligence, By David Horovitz and Ruthie Blum (Jerusalem Post)

They come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, but MKs Matan Vilna’i and Yuval Steinitz share some strikingly similar sentiments about the failures of the war in the North. In their analyses, expressed in separate interviews, many of the flaws stem not from a lack of information on the enemy, but from an appalling inability to internalize and act on that information.

Matan Vilna’i: When the chief of staff presents a war plan, ministers have to ask him the right questions, to be sure they know what Israel is getting into. That didn’t happen.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Tuesday War News…

Diskin: Gaza Smuggling Skyrocketing, by Sheera Claire Frenkel (Jerusalem Post)


Palestinian terrorist organizations were studying the Lebanese-Israeli war to learn how to play on Israel’s weaker points.
‘Samaria has become the land of Islamic Jihad following the disengagement.’ Approximately 15,000 guns, 4 million bullets, 2,300 pistols, 38 rockets, dozens of anti-tank missiles, 15 tons of TNT, 400 RPGs, and 10-15 Katyushas had been smuggled into Gaza from Egypt.

After three to five years of this kind of weapons transfer, he warned, Israel will face a situation similar to south Lebanon.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Olmert Attempts Evasion of State Scrutiny On War…

The Committees of Inquiry are a National Farce, By Ze’ev Segal (Haaretz)

Full Text;

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has established committees of inquiry devoid of any real basis and lacking in public credibility. The results they produce will be viewed with distrust.

Olmert is well aware of the differences between the various tools of inquiry. He evaded the governmental decision to establish a state committee because it would have been comprised of members nominated by the president of the Supreme Court, and because a former senior Supreme Court justice would have headed it. Olmert knows that the public would attribute great importance to the findings of such a committee. [...]  Click here to read more.

Restoration of Care, Kindness and Responsibility for/of Am Yehudi

Parsha Ki Teitsei 5766: Restoration of Care, Kindness and Responsibility for/of Am Yehudi

By, Moshe Burt

Parsha Ki Teitsei discusses Marriage and choosing the correct Marriage Partner as well as marital chemistry issues, Chalitza (ceremony regarding a childless widow whose deceased husband has a surviving brother) and Halachot concerning dissolution of a marraige and the “Get” (Jewish Halachic divorce). It also covers the double-portion to be inherited by the Bechor (the first-born son), the rebellious son, as well as numerous Mitzvot such as; returning lost items to their rightful owners, loaning money to one’s fellow Jew free from interest, what one is permitted to or prohibited from taking from another Jew as loan security, Shatnes (wool and linen together), Tzitzit, dealing fairly and truthfully with one’s fellow Jews in business and to remember, for all time, the actions of Amalek who attacked B’nai Yisrael when they were weak while blotting the rememberance of Amalek from the earth. [...]  Click here to read more.

Extraction and Eradication of Post-Zionism and Elitism: Key to Restoration of Founding National Values…

What to Do About Tel Aviv, By Isi Leibler (Jerusalem Post)


We are already immersed in painful evaluations to identify the cause of the breakdowns in our decision-making processes and in rectifying the weaknesses in the IDF as a consequence of the recent war.

What went wrong?

The problem goes far beyond the failings of individual leaders. Nor, as is frequently alleged, is the primary source the pain and agony endured by successive generations of Israelis witnessing their children leaving for the battlefields to risk their lives in defense of the nation.  [...]  Click here to read more.