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Seeking Chesed-oriented Jews, or a Chesed-oriented Kehilla to step forward to either donate a used Sefer Torah, and/or to be Philanthropic Angels or to donate the funds necessary to acquire and restore Sifrei Torah for needy Jewish communities in Israel.

The Sefer Torah Recycling Network has been in existence for 14 years and in this period, we have facilitated placement of 13 Sifrei Torah in needy locations in Israel on a shoe-string, zero-budget basis. To maximize and beautify the performance of this Mitzvah requires development of a more formalized organization as described below.

Donations to The Sefer Torah Recycling Network can be made in 3 ways;

1/ Via Paypal. Simply click on the “paypal” button, sign in and make your donation either directly from your paypal account or via credit card to:

2/ Donors in the US, please make tax deductible donation checks out to “Jerusalem Education Fund” (501-C3 Non-Profit #23-2751591), with a note on both the Memo line of the check and on the envelope “Mark Burt & Sefer Torah Recycling Network” and mail to “Jerusalem Education Fund”, c/o Gross, 20 Rolling Road, Wynnewood, Pa. 19096. Be sure to include your address. Upon request, a tax-deductible receipt for your donation will be mailed to you.

3/ Donors in Canada, please make your tax deductible checks out to “JBRASS” (BN#864426911RR0001) and mail to; “The Sefer Torah Recycling Network”, 46 Meadowbrook Road, Apt. 6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6B 2S6. Please mark on the envelope (and if possible attach a stick’em memo to the check) saying “Mark Burt & Sefer Torah Recycling Network.” Upon receipt, a tax-deductible receipt for your donation will be mailed to you.

Until now, the method of operation has been via word of mouth, some occasional media exposure and via internet exposure. Through influx of substantial funding ($25,000 – $100,000), the hope is to accomplish an increase in exposure via all media; internet, telephony as well as active fund raising overseas in order to develope a financial donor base and also increase the number of donated Sifrei Torah. It is envisioned that the project will provide an ongoing parnossa for Sofrim in Israel who are in dire need of regular work. It is also envisioned to bring an in-house checking capability to the project via scanning hardware and software. All of this, in addition to day to day office, computer/telephone/ Internet expense takes funds.

At present, The Sefer Torah Recycling Network has arrangements in the US and Canada with two organizations which provide donors with tax deductibilty on their donations. An influx of funds is necessary in order to set up a Non-Profit Amutah (Seif 46) in Israel as well as a 501-C3 Non-Profit organization in the US and to establish “The Sefer Torah Recycling Network” in it’s own right, as an ongoing, serious project providing placement of Sifrei Torah in many of the hundreds of needy locations throughout Israel who cannot afford to acquire their own Sifrei Torah.

YOUR help is needed and is crucial to this endeavor. In short, the donor or donors of a Sefer Torah, or those helping to locate, and to acquire a Sefer Torah via donation, are as if they had reached into their own pockets or bank accounts and donated three, four or more thousands of US$. We seek used but idle Kosher Sifrei Torah, or Sifrei Torah in posul, yet restorable condition in need of minimal repairs to restore them to Kosher condition for placement in numerous other worthy, economically needy locations in Israel.

Many thanks for your kind donation. Tizke L’Mitzvot.

Moshe Burt
Founder and Director,

The Sefer Torah Recycling Network

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