Insulting Jewish Intelligence…

An Insult to Our Intelligence, By David Horovitz and Ruthie Blum (Jerusalem Post)

They come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, but MKs Matan Vilna’i and Yuval Steinitz share some strikingly similar sentiments about the failures of the war in the North. In their analyses, expressed in separate interviews, many of the flaws stem not from a lack of information on the enemy, but from an appalling inability to internalize and act on that information.

Matan Vilna’i: When the chief of staff presents a war plan, ministers have to ask him the right questions, to be sure they know what Israel is getting into. That didn’t happen.

Yuval Steinitz: The blunders of the war in Lebanon reflect a combination of complacency and dubious dogma. I’m worried that we’re still underestimating the threat.

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