Wednesday Night/Thursday War News …

Katyushas Hit Communities Across North; 13 Lightly Wounded


“The Upper Galilee was hit by a heavy Katyusha barrage on Thursday afternoon, as 25 rockets landed in and around Kiryat Shmona. Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon fired over 100 Katyusha rockets at targets in northern Israel on Thursday, landing across the Galilee and Hula Valley.”

Terror Alert on Modi’in Highway

Cabinet Update: Okay To Call Up Three Reserve Divisions

Police Find Burned Body in Car in Northern West Bank read more


Redefining “Victory” in a Way Which is NOT Victory…

The IDF’s New Definition of Victory


Hizbullah’s fighting force in southern Lebanon can be totally eliminated, say generals in the IDF, but that will take a much more intensive invasion by ground troops, capturing all the territory up to the Litani River. There is a consensus, both at the political and the military levels, that Israel shouldn’t be doing that as the cost – in casualties, in economic damage caused by a widespread reservists call-up and in international support – is deemed prohibitive. read more

Terrible Toll in Northern Battle and Other Wednesday War News …

15 Terrorists Killed in Gaza, 40 Wounded


“Lt.-Col. Guy Biton told Ynet, ‘The fighting is very complex. Terrorists are firing anti-tank rockets at us. They come to within 100 meters in order to hit our vehicles and weapons.'”

Three Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza and hit the community of Netiv HaAsarah early this afternoon. Earlier today, a Kassam was fired towards Ashkelon, and another one towards the western Negev; no damage or casualties were reported. Two Kassams were fired on Tuesday, lightly wounding one person, and several others were launched on Monday. read more


Mida-Kenneged-Mida: Gush Katif Expulsion and The Gaza/North War …

Mida Kenneged Mida: Gush Katif Expulsion and The Gaza/North War

(Many Thanks to Tzirel Shaffren, Ramat Beit Shemesh for putting into writing this summary of Rav Malinowitz’s Drosh)

This Rosh Chodesh Av, after the pre-Rosh Chodesh Mincha and Yom Kippur Katan telfillos, Rav Malinowitz of Bet Knesset Bet Tefilla spoke about the Torah perspective on the current situation.

One of the concepts that Rav Malinowitz discussed is the concept of communal suffering vs. individual suffering. Briefly, when an individual suffers, the individual should examine his life and try to understand where he should improve. On the other hand, when there is suffering on a communal level, while individuals may choose to examine and improve themselves, the suffering is not necessarily caused by the actions of the individual people suffering, but by the actions of the larger community. read more

Once Again, Nasty, Arrogant Olmert Talks Down to Gush Katif Refugees …

Olmert to Expulsion Victims: I Know You Are Angry

Full Text;

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Gush Katif and Northern Gaza expulsion victims at Nitzan Monday, “I know you are angry…. I know that you think that you need to be in Gush Katif. We think differently.” He insisted that more communities will be destroyed under his unilateral expulsion program.

The Prime Minister told the residents that he understands their difficulties and that the government “will solve the problems.” Many of the victims of the expulsions only recently have received their possessions that were stored in containers, and hundreds remain out of work. read more


By Who’s Definition Do We Define Victory/Defeat? Olmert Watches the US 14 Day Clock Tick Away…

Olmert: Israel is Determined to Defeat Hizbullah

Full Text;

Israel has the stamina for a long fight and is determined to defeat Lebanese Hizbullah guerrillas, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a group of new immigrants from France on Tuesday.

In a speech at Ben Gurion International Airport, Olmert told the new arrivals that “we are a strong people, and we have the stamina for a long struggle.”

“We will continue with this campaign to reach all our objectives and to defeat the enemies of the land of Israel and the people of Israel,” he said. read more

Lema’an Achai of Beit Shemesh to Care for 1,000 Displaced Persons Resulting From Northern Missile Blitz …

Not just the date is 24/7 – that’s how the community in Bet Shemesh is responding to the War and its Refugee Crisis.

Please click on the Lema’an Achai website and give generously in order that Lema’an Achai is able to maintain it’s open-ended commitment to feed and house 1,000 people from the north through the conclusion of this war and the decimation of both the Islamic Jihad and it’s allies in the south Hezbollah in the north. MB

Haifa Resident Expresses Remorse to Gush Katif Refugees …

Haifa Victim to Gush Katif Residents: ‘I Am Sorry’

Full Text;

A Haifa resident under siege by Hizbullah attacks and who ignored opponents to the government’s expulsion of Gush Katif resident has written the expulsion victims and asked for forgiveness.

In an open letter posted on a Gush Katif forum web site, Y. S. wrote, “I closed my business since the beginning of the battle and I don’t know what will happen. I never thought that I, a Haifa resident for 30 years, would be a refugee in my own land. read more

War News from 2 Fronts — Tuesday…

IDF Kills Hezbollah’s Maroun al-Ras Regional Commander


“On Tuesday, IDF troops killed five Hezbollah gunmen, including the movement’s regional commander, discovered war rooms with eavesdropping and surveillance equipment made by Iran, being used by Hezbollah against Israel. They also found large cache of weapons and communications devices.”

IDF Surrounds PA Offices Where Terrorists Hiding

“IDF forces have surrounded the Mukata compound of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah in an effort arrest terrorists holed up in the PA headquarters.” read more


Devarim — Everyman His Own Leader in Bringing Learning, Kiddush Hashem to Reality…

Devarim — Everyman His Own Leader in Bringing Learning, Kiddush Hashem to Reality

By Moshe Burt

A few years ago, Rav Aba Wagensberg spoke out in a shiur that Sefer Devarim represents Moshe Rabbeinu’s Mussar to B’nai Yisrael as the time of his death drew near.

He explained that near the end of Sefer BaMidbar, we began to see indications, via the story of Zelafchad’s daughters, Reuven and Gad’s desire to settle east of the Jordan, etc., that the B’nai Yisrael finally desired to accept Moshe Rabbeinu’s teachings and his Mussar which was meant to bring about the perfection of the Jewish people in emulation of the ways of Hashem as they were about to enter Eretz Yisrael. read more